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September 9, 2008 Rehearsals
Et & Insider

It isn't everyone who gets to watch a private rehearsal from the legendary Tina Turner, but ET's Mark Steines had the honor of watching as Tina, who is pushing 70, prepared for her upcoming world tour. "I just have energy," she tells Mark. " I've never done drugs -- a little wine, champagne on off days, I was born with this."

"This" is an incredible set of pipes and an impressive set of legs. Even so, Tina walked away from the business back in 2000, but on October 1, she launches her tour in Kansas City, MO, and it is pure Tina -- sexy backup dancers and all!

"The initial shock is over," the "Proud Mary" singer says. "The girls and I have been sore, and massaged and Epsom salts and baths and everything. Basically, we've broken our bodies in. We are two weeks in and we have all the choreography now. Costumes are practically ready. Hair is ready. We're ready!"

And just days before her tour, the legend will be releasing Tina! Her Greatest Hits, which also includes two new tracks.

For more of Mark's exclusive interview with Tina, tune in to tonight's ET!

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