Do Something
Holly Knight, Mike Chapman
Album: non-album track B-side of the European On Silent Wings single and of the US Missing You single

you don't give out, you don't give in
you never seem to be attracted to the sin
the sin of love, the sin of all above
I give you my advice, it can be nice
I know you can't solve the problems of the world
but you don't have to be a precious little toy
do something, do something

I'll wait a day, I'll wait a week
and I don't just wanna be dancing cheek to cheek
it's serious, this thing I need to do
win or lose, it's all up to you
I can't believe that you can let me go this far
it can't be natural to be the way you are
do something, do someting

I've got this weakness, I'm losing power
I need your sweetness right here and now yeah
deeper and deeper, hour after hour
I should be ruling but I'm not satisfied no, no

not satisfied, I'm not satisfied
when I'm alone, can't do it on the phone
won't let you go until I get just what I need
my heart is breaking oh baby, baby please
do something, do something baby baby okay
come on come on come on do something
get down on you knees and do something
oh baby, please, do something

Something Beautiful Remains
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