Thursday, January 20, 2005

Radford U. student will live her Wildest Dream

Ena Scott, a junior from New York, will fly to Switzerland to meet her idol Tina Turner, thanks to her mom and Oprah Winfrey.

By Donna Alvis-Banks The New River Valley Current

Ena, 20, gets to meet Tina, 65. Thanks to Oprah, 50. It all goes to prove that women - no matter what their age - have the wildest dreams.

That was pretty obvious Tuesday when Oprah Winfrey's "Wildest Dreams" bus arrived at Cook Hall on the Radford University campus. Ena (rhymes with Tina) Scott was in professor Allen Bures' business class, listening to a lesson on introductory marketing concepts. Scott, a junior from Saint James, N.Y., with a double major in religious studies and marketing, was on her best behavior because a film crew was in the classroom, filming what Scott was told was a promotional video for the university. Suddenly - and much to Scott's bewilderment - her mother galloped into the classroom.
"When I first saw my mom, the first thing I thought was, 'I'm not in trouble. Why is she here?'" Scott said Tuesday evening. Still trembling from the day's excitement, Scott said she at first had difficulty understanding the words coming from her mother's mouth:
"You're going to Switzerland, and you're going to meet Tina!"
Tina Turner, the leggy pop diva who topped music charts in the '80s with songs like "What's Love Got to Do With It?" and "Private Dancer," has long been Scott's idol. "I've been a fan since I was a little girl," Scott said. "She's my favorite person next to my mom." Scott said her infatuation is so strong that when her mother, Brandy Scott, asks her what she wants for her birthday, she always says the same thing:

"I wanna meet Tina! I wanna meet Tina!" "As far as I know, my mom wrote a letter to Oprah," Scott said. "Everything kinda happened really fast today since I woke up. This is literally my wildest dream. I'm so excited."

Brandy Scott, a district administrator for New York's North Babylon Public Schools, had indeed written to Oprah Winfrey, the television celebrity who celebrated her 50th birthday last January and the debut of her 19th season last fall by introducing her "Wildest Dreams Come True" promotion. She started out by giving away 276 brand new GM Pontiac sedans to her entire studio audience in September and followed that in October by throwing the "World's Biggest Baby Shower" for 640 pregnant enlisted women at Fort Campbell, Ky. In November, Oprah gave a couple their fantasy wedding, which included 15,000 fresh flowers and a live performance by Shania Twain.

Now, it's Scott's turn to have a dream come true. She and her mother, along with producers for "The Oprah Winfrey Show," will get on a plane and fly to Zurich, Switzerland, today to meet Tina Turner at her home on the Goldkuste, the Swiss capital's ritzy district where the pop star has lived since 1986. "I've seen her in concert four times," Scott said. "I have all the albums, all the articles, everything. She's waved to me, but I've never met her." Scott said she and her entourage will arrive in Zurich tonight (January 20,) and spend Friday visiting her idol. Then, she will be whisked to Chicago next week to tape "The Oprah Winfrey Show." The air date for the segment has not been announced (February 1, 2005).

Radford University spokeswoman Ann Hillenbrand said Scott's fellow students did not know about Tuesday's surprise (January18,) and neither did most of the faculty and staff. "We were sworn to secrecy," she explained. When the "big purplish-blue bus" arrived on campus, Hillenbrand said, "We were very excited, to say the least." Scott, who was getting ready to pack for the trip Tuesday evening, said she has no idea what she will say to Turner when they meet.

"I'm going to play it by ear," she said, noting that her main worry at the moment is how to get some sleep. After all the excitement Tuesday, she was too wound up to wind down. The plane trip from New York to Zurich is a long one. Maybe, someone offered, she'll be able to catch some shuteye in the air. "Yeah, right," she said.

Friday, February 04, 2005

RU student enjoys her visit with Tina Turner Ena Scott's whirlwind trip to Zurich and Chicago began with a visit from her mother.

By Donna Alvis-Banks 381-1661 The New River Valley Current

RADFORD - Want to know what Ena Scott thinks of Tina Turner now? That's as easy as uh-one, uh-two, uh-three: She's simply the best. Better than all the rest. Better than anyone she's ever met! "She's so nice," enthused Scott, a 20-year-old Radford University junior from Saint James, N.Y. "She's so warm and down to earth. She surpassed my expectations." On Jan. 20, Scott was whisked off to Zurich to visit her idol in her Swiss home after Oprah Winfrey's "Wildest Dreams" bus surprised her by showing up on campus. Scott's mother, Brandy Scott, accompanied Winfrey's camera crew to Radford, where she flabbergasted her daughter by interrupting her class with shouts of "You're going to Switzerland and you're going to meet Tina!" It was Brandy Scott who responded to the "Oprah Winfrey Show's" promotion with a letter explaining her daughter's lifelong desire to meet the pop diva. Scott's adventure will air today at 5 p.m. (Feb.4, 2005) on WSET-TV (Channel 13)

Scott, who boarded a plane for Zurich with her mother and a producer from the "Oprah Winfrey Show," said she barely had time to wash up after landing in Switzerland before she found herself in a Mercedes taxi bound for the estate Turner shares with her longtime boyfriend, record executive Erwin Bach.

"Suddenly, we were at her house," Scott recalled. "She was saying 'hey' and she was walking toward us with her arms out. She had a huge smile on her face. ... The first thing out of her mouth is, 'I know exactly how you feel because I once met Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis."

Scott said an English camera crew was filming the whole time, but she wasn't conscious of that. She was too excited about meeting Turner, whom she described as "genuine even when the camera's not rolling." The three travelers spent the entire afternoon Jan. 21 with Turner and had an opportunity to chat with Bach, Turner's companion since 1986. "He's younger than Tina," Scott said, giggling. "They talked about that on the Oprah show." In Zurich, Turner gave Scott a driving tour of the Swiss financial capital, pointing out her favorite places to shop. Then, she took the student to the studio where she was rehearsing for today's appearance on the "Oprah Winfrey Show."

"She went right into it, started dancing," Scott said. "She rehearsed the three songs she was doing for Oprah. It was basically like having a private little show."

Scott said the 65-year-old Turner looks every bit as good in person as she does on the magazine covers. "She's tiny. She's really a petite person. She could walk around the Radford University campus and she'd have a better body than some of the 20-year-olds. She still has an amazing body." "That's part of the reason I'm going to the gym tonight," she added.

Scott said after her afternoon with Turner, she spent the night in Zurich and left the next day for Radford. She attended class Jan. 24, then flew out to Chicago to tape the segment for the "Oprah Winfrey Show." Meeting Oprah, she noted, was great, too. "I think people expect Oprah to be distant. She was laid-back. Everyone was really, really nice." Scott was called up on stage and sat next to Turner during the show, but she wasn't nervous during the interview. She said she was too excited to be nervous. The best part, she confided, was when Turner produced a gift for her - a pair of black designer Manolo Blahnik shoes.

"Stilettos, of course," she said. "Tina said, 'I have some just like them.'"

Ena meets (finally) Tina

And a BIG THANKS AGAIN for Laurel, who made this possible to see. If you want to download the files, click on the right of your mouse and then "save target as..." Zurich Oprah Shoes

It all started January 18th 2005.

First let me just say that since this is obviously a very long story so this is a condensed version, but you guys will still get the idea. ;) It all started January 18th 2005. I woke up to 10-degree weather, and almost decided to sleep in, and make up my 9:30am class at a later time… I’m so glad I went to class!! I walked in and did the usual chit chat with friends, and then my teacher started the class. We noticed some camera crews, but she told us that our university was making a promotional video to promote the campus. I didn’t think anything of it, because I see promotional videos for schools on tv all the time. We went through the whole lesson, and then at the end two more men walked in, but only one man had an extra camera. About two seconds later the doors of my one hundred seat classroom flew open and my mom along with a woman (who I later learned was Stacy) came running down and to the front of my class.

I’m still not exactly sure about the exact words that came out of their mouths, but I do know it was something along the lines of, “This is the Oprah Winfrey show, and we’re flying you to Zurich,” and I started flipping out! They didn’t need to say anything else, because I already knew that the QUEEN lives in Zurich!!!! OH MY GODDDD. My tough as nails, I won’t cry attitude, completely disappeared because next thing I knew I was crying, and so was my mom. What they don’t show on the show is the footage where I realize that I am on TV and crying, so I actually picked up my purse to try to cover my face! (hahaha) It turns out that my mother wrote an e-mail to the Oprah Winfrey show last year when I was still 19, telling Oprah about me.

Next I was led outside and I saw the huge Oprah Wildest Dream’s bus. As I sit here and write this I’m getting excited all over again. I couldn’t believe it. This was the bus that I used to see on TV when I watched Oprah, but I never ever thought it would ever be coming to pick me up! There was a huge crowd of people cheering, and all I know is that out of no where I started dancing around, (I tend to do that when I get happy). Students were outside in their pajamas shaking because of the weather. People were hugging me. Others were trying to get pictures with me. And there were camera’s all over the place. It was crazy.

I don’t know about other people but one thing I must say is that I became so used to the cameras being with me, that after about half of the first day I really didn’t notice them anymore. After getting a lot of outside footage in front of the bus, I went in to talk with my mom and some of the Harpo staff. I met Stacy first, who happens to have her birthday two days after mine. I also met Dave who would travel with my mom and I, along with a camera crew, driver, and bodyguard. I guess the bodyguard was there for my mom and I, because when some people came up to ask me questions he quickly but politely cut them off. As you would expect the inside of the bus was amazing too! My mom and I even took pictures of the towel in the bathroom because it had a big red O on it, and underneath said Wildest Dreams.

It was inside the bus that I found out the schedule for the day! First I went with the camera crews and took a ton of footage around my campus. Then I went back to the bus, met up with Stacy and took more footage with my mom. From there we went into town because I had to take a get a whole new passport for my trip (and that had to be done in one day)! So in my new passport picture my mike is still attached to my shirt in the photo. From there I had to go with one of the producers down to the local courthouse to sign some more papers, in order to have the passport in Chicago the next day. We get there and think everything is fine, and then the woman tells us that she can’t take cash! So I said, no problem (even though it was about 2:20 and I had to be back at my apartment by 2:45)! I went to the post office for a certified money order, only to walk in and find about twelve people in front of me. After about ten minutes I finally got the money order and flew back down to the courts to give it to the lady. I had just made it in time because about two minutes before I walked in a whole crowd of people came in talking about everything that was going on. From there we left and went back to my apartment.

I walked in and the whole thing was set up like a studio!! Lights, cameras, everything. I don’t have a huge place so I really couldn’t believe all that was in there. My mom sat down for her first round of interviews and that is when she read the letter she wrote in. I went to the back with one of the other producers and tried on the clothes that the stylist bought. When my mom finished her interview she literally had to run out of the door in order to catch her flight back to New York. After she left I sat down for interviews. After everything was finished, everyone packed up and Dave told me that I would speak to him tomorrow, and get all of my traveling arrangements.

The following day, was just as busy as the one before. I did last minute running around, and of course packed. I think I packed and un packed about five times, because I was so nervous I would forget something important. That afternoon I got the phone call with all of my traveling arrangements. I was to leave the following morning, arrive in New York in the afternoon, meet up with my mom, and then about two hours later meet up with Dave, who had my new passport with him. Well Dave’s flight was an hour delayed, and we ended up missing our first flight, but luckily there was another flight leaving about 30 minutes later. They only problem was that now we had to transfer in Geneva, and then go to Zurich, and we would get there about three hours later. But I wasn’t going to stress because all that mattered was that I was going to meet Tina!

When we arrived in Zurich we flew to the hotel washed up and then changed. Then we ran back to the car to go to Tina’s house. We were supposed to be at her home by 1:00pm but because of flight issues we were a little behind. When we arrived in front of her home, we got out and Dave pushed the button on the intercom to let them know we were there. I looked up and saw the cameras turn towards our direction so I decided to wave. (haha) Then the gates opened up and we walked down the driveway. Her garage is right next to the house, and the doors were open with two of her trucks inside. By her front door was another one of her trucks, (they were all black). One of the funny things that I noticed right away was the fact that there were pictures and some awards on the walls of the garage. I remember reading about the fact that she was running out of wall space for her awards, but to actually see that she ran out to the point that some were on the walls in the garage was funny.

Dave went inside to talk with Tina and let her know I was there, and my mom and I stayed outside and talked with one of the drivers. Then I got a chance to meet Carmela (she works with Tina, and would be with us that day). We talked for a little bit while the camera crews were trying to set up and get ready. THEN IT HAPPENED!! The front door opened up and Tina stepped out. OH MY GODDDDDD. I wasn’t sure if I should go up, or stay where I was, so I just quickly nudged my mom and said, “Oh my god, there she is!” and my mom said, “I know, I know!!!” I figured she might stop and chat with some of the crew first, but instead she said quick hellos to them, walked right past and came straight for me with her arms open. With a huge smile on her face she said “HEYYYYYY,” and gave me a hug and kisses. Then she gave my mom a hug and kisses too, and by this time my hands are shaking like crazy! I didn’t cry (thank god). I guess I got that all out when they told me in my class. Then Tina turned back to me and the next thing she said was, “I know exactly how you feel, because when I met Jacqueline Kennedy Onassiss, I said ‘HI’, and then caught myself…” She went on to tell us the whole story, and I was instantly comfortable. We talked for about five minutes at the car, and then she said “Come on up.” And we walked up to her front door.

By this time the camera crew was running around, because they wanted to catch the first meeting, but it was too late because Tina didn’t say when she was coming out, she just decided to come out right away to meet me. Hahaha!!

Before we had gotten to the front door she asked me how I won the contest, and I told her about my mom writing in to the show. So when we got up to her front door she turned to me and said, “So tell me. How does it feel to be 20 years old?” I jokingly answered, “Well ya know Tina, I’m getting old..” Tina and my mother started laughing, and we continued talking, and I told her she was invited to my 21st birthday party. ;) At that point my mom asked if she could take a picture of us, and she said “of course!” Now let me just say that we had disposable cameras, because my mom didn’t bother bringing the real one. But I really didn’t care as long as it still took the picture. So before she stepped back to take the photo I told my mom to please take a good picture and not cut our heads off, because my mom isn’t the best photo taker. Then Tina said, “Oh I’m not good either. Wait let me see the camera.” So mom handed her the camera, and Tina says, “Ohhh, good. You have the easy one. I think all you have to do is press the silver button.” Turns out, she likes the disposable cameras too, because they are simple. Then she asked me, “Wait where can I put the flash on?” So I showed her where to hold down the button, and let her know that once you see the little red light, that meant that the flash would go off.

So once the camera was ready we gave it back to my mom and she took a picture, and then my mom took another one just in case, and then Tina told my mom to come get in a picture. There are a few pictures where either my mouth, or Tina’s was open, because we were laughing. After the photos Tina leaned in towards me and said, “I have to tell you something. I’m in trouble.” So of course I inquired why. It turns out she was suppose to have been up earlier, but overslept a little bit. So she was running behind too. It made me feel less upset about missing my first flight.

At that point Erwin walked up to us, and Tina introduced us. After that somehow we got on the subject of Buddhism, I really can’t remember how, but she told me to look straight up, and the first window above us was where she chants. It was at this point when one of the sound men came up to us, and had us mike up, because the camera crew was ready. So Dave told Tina to go back in the house and come on out, and I was supposed to walk up to her, and we were going to do the whole “first meeting.” So Tina went inside, then opens the door and said, “HIII…” And then Dave said, “No no, we’re not ready, wait.” (hahaha). Then Tina said “Oh ok, just tell me when to come out.” Then she walked back in, they told her, and we did the whole meeting scene. So when you saw it on Oprah that was really the third “meeting,” because we had already been outside talking away before they even put mikes on us. After that Tina gave the crew the tour of the house, but we knew that the footage would never make it in because it was a rainy day. And even though it had stopped raining, it was still a little dark. I walked back towards one of the trucks, and then met Burt (Tina’s bodyguard, who I also saw at Oprah). Erwin was trying to make lunch reservations for us because Tina had told them that she wanted to sit down and have lunch with me and get a chance to talk some more. The lunch didn’t work out though because we were all running behind, and the restaurant they wanted was having a hard time fitting all of us. (When we finally left, we had about three large truck loads of people). So while Tina was showing the crew around, I talked some more with one of the drivers, and my mom, Erwin, Burt and Carmela talked some more. It was funny because my mom used to be fluent in Latin, German, and Spanish, so there were times when Erwin would talk to someone in German, and my mom translated for me. Once the tour of the house was all done, we all hopped into the trucks to go to our first location. Tina, Erwin, and Dave were in the first truck. Me, my mom, Carmela, Burt, and a driver were in the second. And the third had the camera crew from England.

Ena meets (finally) Tina, part 2

So everyone is driving along, and then all of a sudden Erwin pulls to the side, and jumps out of the truck, and walks past us. Then Tina jumps out and runs past us and into this passport place. Dave came up to us and told us that Tina had to go in a take a picture for a new passport! (hahahaha) The funniest part about it was the fact that it sounded like she was already suppose to have done it, but forgot. I turned to my mom and jokingly said, “See mom, Tina had to get a new passport too. I’m not the only one getting a passport the day before leaving.” And my mom was just like, “Yeah, but she’s Tina Turner!”

After Tina took the photo she was running back to her truck and peeked into the truck I was in and waved at me. They hopped back into the truck and we were off again. Our first spot was the huge bridge, which I don’t remember the name of. That is when I realized that Tina was really comfortable with me, because whenever we would start walking together, she would put her arm through mine, and we would walk arm in arm. Even when the camera’s stopped rolling she still kept her arm in mine, and we kept talking away. It was interesting to see the footage that was put into the Oprah taping, because I was telling Dave on our way back, that there was A LOT of really funny stuff that was never on camera. It was at the bridge though, that Tina, my mom and I, first started talking about shoes. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, because the whole day had been one conversation after the next, but I would learn later in Chicago that she remembered how much I loved shoes.

At one point the cameras had stopped rolling and Tina and I were just talking, and then Dave said, “Ok we’re ready.” So Tina and I started walking, and all of a sudden one of my heels got stuck in between a cobblestone! Now Tina is holding on to my arm, and I’m thinking “Lord if I fall she falls,” so instead I just let my foot completely come out of the shoe, and said “My shoe my shoe!!” ahead Then Tina said, “Wait! Her shoe, her shoe!” So they stop the tape and I walk back over to the shoe, take it out of the stone and put it back on my foot, and now Tina is back with her arm back in mine. Then the man that did the sound said, “Wait your mike isn’t right.” Turns out, after I lost my shoe the mike that was attached in between my boobs fell out. So me being me, turned to Tina as I was taping it back in there and said, “I didn’t think anything could fall out from in between these!” Then Tina turned and glanced at my chest and said to me, “Boom Boom!!” (HAHAHAHA). It was the little funny moments like that, that weren’t caught on tape that I love even more than the stuff that was on tape.

Later on she showed me some of the stores that she likes to shop in, and where she loves to go eat. And when the cameras stopped rolling we kept walking, instead of going to the truck, and Dave was like, “Tina. Ena! Ena, Tina!” Then Tina turned and said, “Oh, I think they’re calling us.” One thing I have been telling everyone (newspapers, TV, and now you guys), is that Tina (as we all know), is such a cool and warm person. The cameras could have been rolling the whole time, or not rolling at all, and that wouldn’t have changed how kind she was towards me, and my mom. When she’s there with you, she is really there. It’s not just something that we see when she is on stage. But anyways, back to the story…

After we walked around Zurich, Tina took my mom and I to the studio for rehearsals. That was soooooooooo much fun!!!! I got to meet Clare, Solange, and Ivona. Tina introduced us as her “two new friends from New York.” When we walked in they were already rehearsing and were in the middle of Better Be Good To Me, and Tina walked right in between then and started dancing away. From there they did Open Arms, and Wildest Dreams. I can’t describe how exciting it was to be able to see them rehearse, and hear Tina make suggestions, and see the outfits. Tina and the girls did the three songs, and discussed what they were wearing, and then Tina showed the girls her outfits, and were about to run through it a second time before the camera crew even came in to tape anything. I was already jumping around and dancing, but the highlight for me was when Tina and Ivona asked me to go over and press play and stop on the stereo when they needed it! I was so happy I danced over to the stereo, and Tina and the girls started laughing at me, because I was so excited.

After rehearsals Tina joked with me and said that I could tell Oprah that I now know the songs before her. But I did promise Tina I would not tell anyone what the three songs would be, (and I’m proud to say I kept that secret)! After everything Tina went to walk my mom and I out, and then she stopped while we were on the stairs and said that this was great that I was there because really people don’t get to see that, and don’t know what goes into it. I agreed and told her that’s true, and I could understand a little bit because my mom used to be a dancer, and then she turned to my mom and said, “I knew it!! I knew it! I had a feeling, because when you said you’ve been here and there, and knew about the dancing.” Mom and I started laughing, and my mom said, “Yep, and a lot of people have no clue what goes into a performance, and the time and sweat, just for one little piece.” And Tina said, “You got that right!” We talked some more about the behind the scenes aspect, and then talked about Oprah, and shopping, and Tina told me to show her whatever I buy when I see her in Chicago, (and I did after the show backstage). I thanked Tina again, and gave her a hug and kisses, and my mom did the same.

Earlier that day when I said thank you she smiled and said, “I bet you won’t forget this for a long time!” We said goodbye, and she said she would see me in Chicago, and from there I just went to the hotel for another round of interviews. By this time I was so used to cameras that I didn’t even notice them at times, and at one point when they came into the studio I was dancing away, and danced right into one of the cameras.

Now off to Chicago!!

I got back from Zurich on a Sunday, went to my classes on Monday, and left Tuesday for Chicago. When I got there I was picked up by a limo, and taken to the Omni Suites hotel. Before then I had never stayed in a hotel like that. The rooms really were little suites. My mom had one, and I had one. When I got there, there was a hand written note from the Oprah Winfrey staff, along with chocolate covered strawberries, and other fruit. My mom had a hand written note with a tray of fruit and cheese, and a bottle of white wine waiting for her. In honor of Tina we sipped on the wine, (because you can’t let something like that go to waste).

Then we went out to dinner. When I came back I noticed that I had a message waiting for me from Debbie, Elle, Laurel, Donovan, (a bunch of us Tina fans), so I called them back and we made arrangements to hang out that night. That was sooo much fun. You could put two Tina fans in one room together and they would have a party, but there were eight of us in this room, talking Tina, laughing, and just having fun. We all hung out till about a little after twelve, then decided to head our separate ways. The next morning I woke up and had some breakfast with my mother, and then the stylist for Oprah came to my hotel room at 10am.

She just wanted to look at my outfit, and if I needed anything last minute we were going to go out and get it. When Jen got there and saw what I was wearing she said, “Usually we don’t have people wear beige, but I love that top. It’s pretty!” So it was set. I knew what I was going to wear. My mom and I talked with Jen for a bit, then she left, and I just got ready to go to Harpo Studios. We got there a little bit after one, and I automatically changed clothes, and then got ready for hair and makeup with my mom. About ten to fifteen minutes later Donovan came in, also. He is too funny!!! In between hair and makeup the producers came in to say hi, (Dave, Stacy, Susan, etc) and just give us a heads up about the show. After maybe about an hour another producer came in to bring Donovan down, and then Dave came in to check on me, because the show was about to start. Probably about five minutes later I was ready and they led my mom and I out from the backstage. It was great because as I walked out fans cheered for me!! I couldn’t believe it.

Then the show started and of course the audience went wild when Oprah came out. We were screaming so loud I’m surprised she ever got a word in. When Tina came out I was pretty much in front of her, and she pointed right away and I pointed back. It was a l ot of fun to watch the footage that made it in, and actually see how they put it together, because there were hours on top of hours of footage. I had a feeling Tina really enjoyed my company while we were together, but as I got to see her watch the footage I think that’s when it really sunk in. After the whole thing I found out from a fan that was there that at one point she leaned over to Oprah and said, “I love that girl!” Now I thought they were going to interview me from my seat in the audience like they do to a lot of people.

But next thing I know they put an extra seat on the stage next to Tina, and told me to come up!! OH MY GOD. I went up and sat down, and felt completely comfortable. Before the cameras started rolling I jokingly leaned over to Tina and said, “I’m gonna try not to cry.” And she said, “Oh don’t!” hahaha. I was only joking, I knew I got all of my crying out in the beginning! Then Tina told me to get comfortable, and then next thing I knew we were rolling and Oprah was asking me questions. But the biggest surprise of the whole thing was when Oprah said; “Well I think Tina has a surprise for you.” Now I wasn’t expecting anything! I was, and still am, so grateful for everything I already had, plus while we were at Tina’s house she gave me: CD singles, CDds, DVDs, a carry piece of luggage for the airplane, a wrist bracelet, and an autographed picture. So when Oprah told me I thought in my head, “Tina is full of surprises!”

Then it happened!!!! The man came up to me and handed me a box, and at first I just sat there in complete shock, until Oprah said, “Open it.” Hahaha. So Tina and I both start to open it by pulling the ribbon, and that’s when we realized that the top can just come off instead. Hahaha. So I took off the top, and (I think) handed it to Tina, who happily held it for me, and I looked in shock at the pair of black Manolo Blahniks that were in the box. OHHHH MYYYYY GODDDDDDDDD. I mean these shoes are HOT. And then Tina leaned over to me, and told me “I have ones just like it!” ahhahahahhaah She is so awesome. Now to the audience, they were amazed because, no one, myself included, were expecting for me to get anything else, but they also caught the name on the shoes.

Tina told the audience it was because we were talking about shopping, which is partly true, but the shoes hold a stronger meaning for me because I knew she had bought them because she knew how much I loved shoes. We were talking about it in Zurich, and I remember her telling me about her shoe rack, and her boots, and I told her that how much I loved shoes, but we had a several different conversations that day. I wasn’t expecting her to not only remember the details of what I said, but to also act on it. She is just so kind and generous and thoughtful. And that is why it meant so much to me. They could have been shoes from Payless and I wouldn’t have cared, because to me it was the thought, and the fact that she went out of her way to do that for me. As I sit here and write this, I’m still amazed.

After the show ended Tina blew me another kiss before she left, and then she left to go backstage. Stacy then came and got my mom and I before they let the audience go, and we went backstage too. Even though we all had flights to catch, Roger and Tina had sent someone up to get me and bring me back downstairs into the greenroom where Oprah and Tina were.

But that’s another story for anther time… Plus a girl has to keep some secrets to herself. ;) Hope you guys enjoyed this very longgg story! Sorry it took me forever to type it up. Love you guys!! Mwahhh

Something Beautiful Remains
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