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The fanclub meets Tina
February 26, 1996

February 26, 1996 is the day I shook Tina's hand and she asked me for my name to sign a photograph of her. I will cherish this memory for the rest of my life, but let me tell you how it all started.

At the beginning of the year I spoke to Elle and we had already heard about Tina's touring plans and the date of the release of her new CD. I said "she's sure going to promote her new CD " and we both tried to guess at what television programme she would appear. Actually it was not too hard to guess because Ivo Niehe is a well known TV-host in Holland and is always good for high viewing rates because of his very famous guests. One telephone call by Elle to the television studio confirmed our belief. The lady of the broadcast company was really nice and she would keep us updated if Tina's appearance was confirmed by Management. A couple of weeks later the date was set and we were told that the fanclub members were very welcome to attend the taping of the show.

Finally the big day was there. I took the day off from work because there was only one thing on my mind ... TINA (what's new). I arrived at the studio at 15.00 hours -almost 4 hours too early - but I was so excited I just had to be there. Than Boudewijn and Elle arrived as well and we were asked to come inside because prior to Tina's appearance we were to be interviewed about our Tina passion by IVO. We had a rehearsal interview in the restaurant of the studio and everything went fine. We were advised how to behave, how to sit and what would be a nice story to tell so we were all prepared...

Than everybody in the studio started to behave very nervous and we heard from our hostess that Tina was on her way from the airport and was expected to arrive at the studio in 10 minutes. In the meantime a crowd of Tina fans had already gathered outside and camera teams, security, lights were all ready to film Tina's arrival. After the 10 longest minutes of my life there she was, arriving in a beautiful Mercedes. As excited as we all were, suddenly we all went silent.... Tina got out of the car and was standing tight in front of our faces. Tina's beauty took our breaths away, we just couldn't believe our idol was standing there, than we sort of regained consciousness and started to applaud and yell "Tina we love you !" She smiled and went inside with a whole bunch of security, assistants, Manager etc. Finally my tension became a bit less. We had seen Tina, we knew we were going to see her perform for us.

Then something happened only Elle knew about. Elle gave us all a number and wrote it down on our hands.

Later that evening when everybody was inside the studio, Elle explained that at the very last moment Tina had agreed to meet with 22 members of the fanclub. The members with numbers 1 through 22 were invited to follow the hostess into the meeting room. It all went so quick, we didn't have time to think about what was going to happen. Tina's assistant Patrick (head of security) came in and told us how to stand, where to stand and how to breath.

He also told us that Tina only had about 10 minutes time but that we were all offered the opportunity to shake hands with her. Then Patrick left leaving us with the highest rate of adrenaline we had ever experienced. We all looked at each other: was our dream finally going to come true? Then a camera team came in and following in their footsteps was Tina..... Elle gave Tina a warm welcome on behalf of the whole fanclub and handed her a present, Tina was very, very relaxed and nice, she didn't seem to bother about time at all. She took her time for very one of us, shook our hands and we were given the opportunity to ask for an autograph. When the last autograph was given, Tina herself suggested we should all stand together for a group photo, which was alright by us !!!!! Than everyone thanked Tina for taking some time for us in her busy schedule and we wished her all the best on her tour. Loaded with flowers Tina walked out of the room followed by her manager, security, assistants and camera's. We all gazed at each other and to ease the tension we've been under, we all started to laugh, cry, scream and applaud at the same time. Next we were all guided into the studio itself. The rest of the fanclub were already seated and we we're the last to sit down before the show started (about 200 people where there). Ivo started his interview with Elle, Boudewijn and me and we told Ivo and the rest of Holland why Tina had become such an important part of our lives. Elle also proudly explained that Tina had chosen the Dutch fanclub to become the International TT fanclub. When the interview was over some other guests were interviewed and after the break, Tina performed Goldeneye and Whatever You Want for us. We were so proud of her, we applauded the skin off our hands and screamed her name till we had no voice left. Than Tina came back and was interviewed in a very professional way about her upcoming tour, her life at this moment and her fans. When the interview was over, Elle was allowed to hand Tina a huge bouquet of white lilies on behalf of the fanclub in front of the cameras. Than Tina waved goodbye and the next thing we knew we were all standing outside the studio - going back to our normal 'lives' wondering: was it all a dream ?

Evert de Haas, Holland

Something Beautiful Remains
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