Jeff & Tina

It all started in February 1997 when Tina appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show a week before my 30th birthday. I had previously gone on all the tours with Tina from 1985's Private Dancer Tour, 1987's Break Every Rule Tour (where I met Kenny Moore who was a great guy), and 1993's What's Love Tour. When Oprah announced that she would be taking her show on the road with Tina! I decided at that moment that I would quit my job and follow the tour as well! Much like the story of Donovan, I too started going on line to find tickets.

After the first few cities, Houston and Las Vegas, my luck finally turned in Los Angeles, where I had tickets to 4 shows at The Greek Theater. I did not however have a ticket for the last show which was on a Sunday that they added after the originally scheduled shows... So the first night I ran right in to Oprah, who was supposed to go on and sing with Tina that night, she later however ended up not going out on the stage until the following night, Tuesday. I had great seats right up front the next two shows, then on the Saturday night show I was in the rafters, but still had a great time. After the show ended, I was a little disappointed that I had not yet seen or had the chance to meet Tina, but I still had several cities to go to and San Francisco was my next stop. On Sunday, the next day, I had an airline ticket to San Francisco that was not changeable, so I was bummed that I would miss the last show at the Greek Theater.

So anyway, I boarded the plane at 4:00pm, and at 4:15 an announcement came over the speaker that the flight was sold out and they were asking for volunteers to give up seats.... now you know that my hand was the FIRST up and I left the plane, rented a car, got back to The Greek Theater where Cyndi Lauper had already finished the opening act, bought a ticket from a scalper for $300 and it was WAY BACK in the rafters, but I didnt care!... Anyway Tina started the show and me and this other guy were the only two people standing up and dancing in our particular area and people behind us were complaining. So security came and told us to sit down, but I of course wasn't going to stand for it, so the security guard escorted me down by where the cameras were set up about 1/2 way down towards the stage...

Just then Tina started singing The Best, and the next thing I look down and 10 rows in front of me was Roger Davies and his Entourage!! I quickly maneuvered my way towards him and got his seat and explained that I was a huge fan, and that I had quit my job (I had been living in Hawaii at the time) and flew from Hawaii and was following the North American leg of the tour. He was quite impressed and I then told him that it didn't matter what the cost I would fly to any city to meet Tina! He was such a cool guy and offered to let me come back stage in San Francisco, as this was my next stop.

So I get to SF the next day, and something had happened, and I could not get in touch with Roger Davies at the show. He had told me to talk to security and pass a note back to him, however the security people were not being very helpful and I was STUMPED! So after that disappointment, my next stop was The Gorge Theater in eastern Washington, east of Seattle. It was an outdoor theater and it was pouring rain. My two best friends from Hawaii had flown in for this show and were with me. I had bought another 2 dozen of roses and was gonna try and get in touch with Roger Davies again... well no luck right away. Cyndi Lauper performed, and was done.

I had talked with a girl in Security and passed her a note but Tina or Roger had not arrived yet. Anyway by this time I had told my story to all the people sitting around me, because they were wondering what the roses were for. By the way I was in row 1 for this show. So anyway, the rain finally stopped and a helicopter carrying Tina was landing in the back area. Just when I thought the concert was gonna start, and was very bummed about not going back stage, a girl was calling my name!!!!

I finally got her attention and she said: "Come On!! Roger has sent me to get you to come back and meet TINA!!!!!" I COULDNT BELIEVE IT!!! my friends went crazy as did the 3 rows of people behind me as they knew the whole story!!

So I went with the girl and she took me back stage where I met Roger Davies again, and he even rembered my name!! HE IS SUCH A COOL GUY! Anyway, they were having a meet and greet, and Roger came up to me and told me to get in the line LAST as these other people were here for a meet and greet and that Tina was not signing autographs or taking pictures, but he wanted me to have the most time!! So you can imagine my excitement when I looked through a glass door and there she was!!

I was jumping up and down and sweating and everyone around me thought I was nuts!! For 12 years I had tried to get back here and already this close was satisfying enough I though!!

So then the line of people all left and Roger came out and said come on in and he introducedme to TINA!!! I was so excited and nervous, but she was so nice!! We talked for about 10 minutes, and I met the back up girls. I told her a story about Kenny Moore who had just recently passed away while on tour, showed her where he had signed my Break Every Rule Concert Program, and she signed right under his name!! Then Roger took my camera and took a couple of great pics of us!! I couldnt believe it!! So after that I was still holding the two dozen roses, but the music for the first number (Whatever you Want) was starting to play!! She ran off to go out on stage, but I said: "Oh Tina these fowers are for you," she ran back to get them from me, gave me a hug and ran out on stage!!!

So then I was escorted back to my front row seat and my friends were all screaming and then I turned around and there was Tina standing about 12 feet away on the stage signing her song and looking right at me and my friends!!! It was the BEST night I could remember!!! All my riends were going crazy!! Then the back up girls were winking and pointing at me all night!! Tina came over to me several times that nigth and sang rigt in front of me. I know how Donovan must have felt!!! Anyway that is my story!! Oh wait there is more.... the next night I had my pictures developed and when I got to Vancouver BC I ran into Tina's stage manager, I forget his name, he was real cool though and I showed him the pics!! He said: "Let me bring these back to Tina to sign!!," and he did!! I have 2 personally autographed pics of me and Tina!! One is on my wall and the other is in a safe deposit box!!! :) Hope you like my story!!

Something Beautiful Remains
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