June & Cindy & Tina

March 27, 2000

My best friend Cindy and I are HUGE Tina fans and have been for years and years. Well, Cindy got through on a radio contest for a chance to win a trip to Miami to meet Tina. I had the wierdest feeling she was going to win. They called her later in the week and announced that she did indeed win the trip. She called to tell me and I listened to it on the radio. The DJ said "It sounds like I've just made your day." and Cindy said "You have NO idea!!!"

The prize included airfare, hotel, and meeting Tina, plus she was to put on a show of 7 to 10 songs for us. They called it her final dress rehersal. I was sooo happy, but over the radio they never said it was for Cindy AND a guest, so I didn't get my hopes up. Cindy called me later and asked for my SS#, which meant I WAS going to Miami with her. Our husbands, family and friends were all happy for us. People at my work just didn't know what to think when I came in sqealing and jumping around!

Anyway, we flew to Miami on Friday the 17th. On Saturday we met the folks from Virgin records at 6:30 in our hotel lounge. We met lots of nice people; there were about 60 in our group. Out of that, I think 12 of us were contest winners. This one guy we met, I think his name was Dennis, Cindy and I were the three biggest Tina fans in the group.

We all were taken to the Miami Arena via limo "buses", talking Tina all the way. We went into a room with a buffet table for a snack while waiting. Suddenly, this guy comes in and announces "She's ready." Oh, my, GOD!! We were really going to do this! Well, they took us in groups of six people to have our picture taken with Tina. My idol. OH MY GOD!! We were so nervous and excited. I'm sure I acted like an idiot. Cindy kept edging closer and closer to the front, so when it was our turn we walked high-speed and were the first ones there.

Jim said, "Tina, this is Cindy and June". I think I heard Tina say "Hi". I only know she took my hand and I said "You are SO beautiful!" and she said "Oh...that's so nice..." and smiled her big perfect smile. Then she put her arm around my back. She had one arm around Cindy and one arm around me and we put our arms around her (!!!!!) to pose for the picture. I kept saying "This is a dream, this is like a dream, it's a dream come true..." and Tina laughed. Then Dennis walked up. He was so excited he just burst into tears! Tina said "AW..." and reached out to put her arms around him. She was so understanding of our emotions. She returned to the pose, the pictures were taken and it was over. She had to do several pictures, and when she was told there were contest winners from all across the US there, they said she decided that instead of the scheduled songs she would do the entire show for us. It was fantastic!! There we few were in this huge arena. We screamed and sang through the whole thing. Tina was so perfect; up close and on stage. I could talk about it forever!! I can't write EVERY detail, but I've tried to share it all. Edit: I think she opened with Hold On I'm Coming, as she and the four girls came up, standing, out of the floor of the stage with smoke all around them!

I had made signs and one was a black high heel, that said Throw the DAMN SHOE! My friends email address has been damnshoe ever since!! LOL Cindy said she could hardly remember anything about meeting Tina, it was so unreal, but that her hands were really, really soft. I remember that, too.

Anyway, just know this: whatever wonderful things you believe Tina to be, she IS. However much you dream, you may one day find it coming true if you never give up! It did for me

Something Beautiful Remains
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