Larry and Tina

What an honor to be linked to your website....THANKS so much...

I met Tina Turner at Chicago O' Hare's airport....Tina was in Chicago filming the Oprah Show for her Wildest Dreams Tour...It's an wonderful story meeting her...I had tried meeting Tina for 18 years, because of her schedule and being out of the country, it made it difficult to meet. A very dear friend of mine set up our meeting...

After the Oprah Show, Tina had to catch a flight to New York to film Saturday Night Live..My flight going back to Vegas was around the same time as Tina's flight. My friend Doug was Tina's VIP Host for United Airlines. He arranged for me to meet Tina in his office...I thanked Tina for allowering me to do a portraying of her..I told her I would only do a"First Class & Top Notch impersonation of her

She was flattered!! Meeting Tina is something I will always treasure...Elle....thanks for bringing so much "JOY" to the Tina fans across the world. You're the Greatest!!!

Something Beautiful Remains
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