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October 2, 1999


Well, I just got home from one GREAT WEEKEND! (dispite the working today)...

I was one of the lucky people to see Tina yesterday, and I am still in total awe!!! I had reserved 2 tickets for the RTL4 Gala show in which she was gonna be the special guest, but when I arrived I heard there was only one ticket available so my friend could not come with me.

But Elle offered me instead two tickets for the TV show (thank you Elle... THANK YOU THANK YOU that was taped later in the afternoon, so we left the RTLstudios to go to the other ones.

When the Heartache is Over

There I met the other fanclub members (heya Evert! heya Debbie!) and we chatted a bit, wondering what was gonna happen. When we were inside we got coffee and tea and cake, and we were allowed to write questions down and they were gonna select a few of those to ask Tina.

Then we had to go to the studio, take our seats and we were told that Tina was gonna do two songs and then an interview. I was suprised about the two songs since we only had known about WTHIO. Then the band got on stage, Jack, James, Warren and Ollie, and three new (!) female dancers...

Tina came on and she did WTHIO... playback though... and we all know how good she is at that, so I won't go into details about it *grin* but she sure seemed to enjoy the song, all though she is not moving around a lot on it.

She wore some kind of black shirt, and a kind of black leather skirt...like a piece of leather she just wrapped around her... It looked great!

She got off, changed clothes and came back again, doing Whatever You Need. At least I think it was WYN, since that was one of the chorus lines... It is a powerful ballad... I did not immediately like it actually... seems to me it is one of those songs that has to grow on you. She whore a long black dress... very UnTina if you ask me, but considering her age a nice choice. It reminded me a bit too much of Ella Fitzgerald though...

The show host did the interview with her and it was very relaxed. She was at ease, she enjoyed it, praised the Dutch fans once again for being her first audience that sang with her, and she made a lot of jokes.

When she is at ease she is having a nice sense of humor I think. I think everybody has read by now that she is gonna start touring in the USA... Of course that surprised me, but thinking about it I think it could be a reason why the album is relaeased later there. Album and tour promotion can go hand in hand in the USA, while in Europe people buy her record anyway, and go to her concerts too. She also told something about the fuzz between her and Elton John, and that it was one of the reasons she had made the new album. I bet she told a lot more but for now I have forgotten it, since I was so surprised by her looks. She looked FABULOUS as ever... So did Roger Davies btw... seems to me they have working out together.

After the show we got a chance to go to her, shake hands and so on. So I once again shook her hand, as did this friend of mine. He has been in heaven for the rest of the evening. I wished her good luck for next year and she thanked me for it... THE GODDESS SAID THANK YOU TO ME!!!! *sigh*.

Unfortunately I did not bring a camera so I have not been able to shoot pics or to go on a photo with her, which was allowed... I was very surprised to see how easy everything was, and how much she seemed to enjoy it.

I have not watched the RTL4 show yet, so I dunno a thing about that... But to me it seems I have had luck to get the tickets for the TV Show, and not the RTL4 show... (THANKS AGAIN ELLE!!!!) Ok, now I quit... need to catch up some sleep after a wild night in Amsterdam... Thought that as I was in the neighborhood anyway, I might as well do some partying.


Something Beautiful Remains
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