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Tina Turner in concert.

Tina at Philips Arena.

What you get is what you see. The best. By Kim Burdges, November 12, 2008

She started with “Steamy Windows,” followed by “Typical Male,” and by the time she sang her third song “River Deep, Mountain High” there was no question that Tina Turner was back and better than ever. Returning to Philips Arena several years after announcing her retirement, Turner hit all the steps, nailed all the notes, and never once wobbled in her signature stilettos.

Turner’s concert was a tribute to her amazing career and unbelievable life story. She played all her hits. On “What’s Love Got to Do with It” she strutted in her red heels and modeled the attitude with which she wanted her audience to sing the chorus back to her. “Private Dancer” was as seductive and sexy as ever making it hard to believe that it originally debuted 24 years ago.

Her show was divided into two acts with a thirty-minute intermission. Since the show didn’t start until almost an hour after the ticket time, the intermission felt abrupt and too long. However, the intermission ended with an emotional montage of all the highs and lows of Turner’s career and life set to her hit “I Don’t Wanna Fight”. When the curtain raised, Turner appeared seated in a silver sequin dress and performed two dazzling covers of “Help” and “Lets Stay Together.”

The second act was as dynamic as the first with Turner showing bondless energy as she danced and ran back and forth across the stage, but never managing to sing a note out of breath. The stage itself was spectacular with its lighting, video, and pyrotechnics. It completely transformed as did Turner and her dancers to whatever mood or setting to match her songs. Some of the most impressive cinematic transformations were into Thunderdome, “We Don’t Need Another Hero,” and James Bond’s world, “Goldeneye.”

Turner closed her second act with “The Best” and “Proud Mary,” including its signature dance spin. For the encore, Turner performed “Nutbush City Limits” and was extended over the crowd making sure everyone was singing and dancing. Most artists choose an energetic song like “Nutbush” to end their shows, because they extend all their energy. Not Tina. After exhausting the crowd with her stamina, she calmed things down and sang “Be Tender With Me, Baby,” an impressive vocal feat. Thus, proving again that she is simply better than all the rest!

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