Tina, Cher and Oprah at Caesars Palace
April 26, 2008

By Joe Ristau

The day of the show was so exciting. We woke up at 6 a.m. to get ready, even though they advertised that the show wouldn't start until noon. Of course we wanted to be the first in line, and we were. There wasnt really anything set up outside the box office at 7 a.m.- but we were faithfully waiting.

A Gentlemen from the Oprah show started setting up the ropes and putting out the signs. I asked him if this is where we needed to be lined up for the show, and he looked at us as if we were crazy, and said "yes". He went on to tell us that there was no need to stand in line, as our seats would be chosen by the Oprah staff once we got to the box office to redeem our reservation for tickets.

It made a little more sense now, the lady who arranged the reservation for us to attend the taping made a big deal out of dressing in bright colored clothing. She specifically mentioned no black, brown, grey, or beige. It appears Oprah wants a fun and energetic crowd in her audience - and that she was certainly in for with all the Tina fans in the house..

At about 10 O'clock they started issuing tickets as people turned in their reservation papers. After the quick "look over" by an Oprah staffer, we had our tickets: RCH4. Not bad seats. We then decided to mill about the casino to kill some time (2 hours). After awhile we eventually came back to the box office a little before they were to start letting people in. There was already a huge crowd around waiting. The Drag queens were out front entertaining the group, talking to people, and taking the occasional picture. The Tina and Cher Drag queens from Vegas were great!

There were even a few fans who had some Tina Drag going on. It was definetely exciting to be waiting to see the Queen perform. Finally they opened the doors, and the crowd was able to walk into the inner corridor leading into the coliseum. There was another wait before they opened up the chamber doors and allowed everyone to go in and sit in their seats. There was a little bit of a wait before anything even started to happen.

Once seated the audience ordinater had some of the performers up doing Tina and Cher drag. It was great. It was nice to have some entertainment and see how excited this crowd really was. After they were finished some time was spent "warming up" the audience. Time was spent practicing clapping, laughing, cheering ,etc. It was funny to me because maybe they needed this to get the audience ready for other shows, but i knew as soon as Tina took that stage the reaction would be thunderous without any practice needed, and of course it surely was!!

After the audience warm up was done we were told that Oprah would be coming out very shortly. After a few minutes she did and she did a short intro in which she said, "I am feeling pretty lucky, I have the best card hand on the strip in Vegas today - I am holding a couple of queens". It was great. The audience went crazy..

Finally showtime. Cher came out first and started with her musical number. She did one song, and then afterwards came out to talk with Oprah after a costume change. They chatted for a bit. Cher always seems to give a good interview and tells some funny stories.

Then Tina was finally to come out and join the chat. They talked for a bit, with a couple of funny moments that I do not think will make the broadcast. Tina told a story about how when she was with Ike that she was always intimidated by everyone, as she wasn't really allowed to every do anything on her own. She talked about even when flying she was afraid to ask the stewardess' for anything, as they looked so professional in their "outfits with their hats." She talked about how after leaving Ike that she realized that they were actually "just waitresses" and that she should have been asking them all along for stuff. She was trying to illustrate how once she left Ike she was able to build confidence, and not be intimidated so much. The story was funny, but it could be taken out on context as to what she really meant. It was a cute little story, and I liked it, but I will be shocked if we see any of it on the show.

Tina also said a few things that were different for her: she said that when she left Ike, that actually HE OWED her money. She said that she could finally say that since he was gone now. WOW. She usually never says anything like that about him - but I think she was being truthful and felt comfortable - as she always does on Oprahs show.

The performance! AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! I cried (of course) Tina did Nutbush CIty Limits, which was great to see her back with the dancers rocking it out. She also did Proud Mary which was a duet with Cher (like Diva's 99). Style. It was fabulous. Tina wore a short sequined mini dress with a white accent on one side. She looked great. Proud Mary went off without a hitch, then half way through the song, Cher comes out from center stage and joins in. It was a little ackward towards the end when Cher and Tina were dancing together, but still great overall. At the end of the show they retaped the second half of Proud Mary with Cher's entrance and performance. PERFECT this time. They will most likely use the first half of the first shot, and the second half of the retaped shot in the show when we see Proud Mary.

It was also cute during the second taping of Proud Mary the band starts, the smoke shoots up from the stage, the lights start going,and the band is playing - and Tina was still just standing there. ha ha. She looked back at Ollie and says - " I wasn't ready........" Count off for me this time.....Go....1...2...1..2..3..4 or something."Let's try this again" - Ollie did and this time Tina started right on the mark perfectly - and did the song more amazingly than the first time.

Within the first few minutes of Cher's segment of talking to Oprah she mentioned that "Tina is going out on the road again" ... you could hear a gasp move across the audience as people did not know what to say. WAS this a big secret, was Cher confused about something Tina had said or what? Cher had said it as simply as "I am going to go buy some milk at the store". No one really knew what to make about the comment. I knew right away though that it made perfect sense now as to why Tina was there. There was going to be a BIG announcement made today. I was sitting on the edge of my chair more than ever now.

During the conversation with Tina and Oprah they discussed the details as to why Tina was going out on tour again, what inspired her to do so (the fans) - along with Sophia Loren who had told her at the Armani fashion show that she had taken a long enough break and should get back out as there as soo many people still want to see her. I thought that was a cool little story.... What was funny though was they had to tape a segment where Tina makes the announcement that she is going back out on tour again to the audience, since Cher had accidentally given away the announcement earlier in her interview. I am sure they will edit Cher oops out in the final show. Everyone had to react like they were hearing it for the first time. The reaction when Tina said that she was going back out on tour was unbelieveable!!! It was a standing ovation and the loudest moment in the whole show. If people had not realized when Cher accidentally mentioned it in passing, everyone was fully aware now. That is going to be an incredible moment to witness on the show, even if everyone already knew - there was just something about hearing confirmed from Tina. WOW!

That is my Tina / Oprah story. I am so glad and amazed to have been there when Tina announced this new tour, it was incredible. Hope my story tells just some of how awesome it was to you.



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