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April 19, 2012

Review of Soul Sister by Gregor

I went with three friends – which was on the 19th (Thursday) with tickets that Elle had kindly organised. We had a great view in row ‘L’ of the stalls.

I went again today (Sunday 5pm only show) and plan to go again on Tuesday 24th and again I have tickets for the final show on Saturday May 5th (7:30pm show) – so if anyone else on here is going on those dates let me know. I know that tickets for the good seats are selling out fast.

I spoke to the staff at the theatre today and they ‘hope’ to possibly take it on tour – or perhaps in to the West End of London in the future. I can see why it is getting such great reviews – it is a very professional production and the musical numbers are well put together with all of the nuances and feel of the era – A lot of it reminded me of the movie – in terms of the dancing and costumes etc.

The back-drop screen is great and narrates the story as it goes along. Emi is great as Tina and seems to capture the essence of her energy and she does have some of her moves and afflictions down pat. Chris is also very good as Ike and reminded me of Lawrence Fishburne’s interpretation vocally.

The last three numbers have the whole audience clapping and singing along and the end is a real party atmosphere – now all we need are more Tina fans there to really make it a party. Best bits are the closing of the first half when they do ‘River Deep’ and the opening of the second half with ‘Proud Mary’

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive at first but having read the reviews and seen the show twice now I would definitely recommend it

No word of when or if Tina herself will attend – but the staff and cast say there is a rumour she may go to a performance – who knows? I think she would be pretty impressed if she does go! thanks for reading my review.

Gregor (in London)

Something Beautiful Remains
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