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TODAY!!! Tina 74 years young!
November 26, 2013

Today is a birthday, I wonder for whom?
It must be for somebody right in this room
So look all around you for somebody who
Is smiling and happy, my goodness, it's you!
Happy Birthday Tina from all of us to you
Happy Birthday Tina, from all of us to you
We congratulate you, and hope all your sweet dreams come true

Have a wonderful Birthday with family & friends

Fans wishing to honor Tina Turner on her birthday
11 November, 2013

Nutbush City Limits - You know the song! "A church house, gin house, schoolhouse, out house..." The historic schoolhouse that Tina Turner attended needs YOUR SUPPORT!

Fans wishing to honor Tina Turner on her birthday can do so by donating to this historic site and have your name included in a Birthday Card that will be delivered to Tina Turner by her personal assistant Rhonda Graam.

• Donate up to $19 to be included on the card.
• Donate $20 and up to include a personal note to Tina.
• Donate $50 and up to include a personal note and your name will also be listed on a plaque inside the school.
Tina Turner has supported this project since its inception. Why? Tina’s Great-Uncle Benjamin Flagg sold the land below value in the 1800's so that African-American children who were not able to attend white only schools could have a place to learn. Tina Turner herself benefited and also attended this school as a young girl with her sister Alline Bullock.

In addition to Tina Turner providing support and donating memorabilia from her personal life and decades long career to be displayed in the school, a private donor has promised $75,000 toward this project if matching funds are raised by January 1st, 2014.

Support this important cause and have Tina Turner know your name in the process. Click on this link to make your donation.

Flagg Grove school pictures
Flagg Grove News

New 2014 Calendar
November 4, 2013

Wonderful new 2014 Tina Calender

Thanks Aleksander!!!

Interview with Mrs.& Mr.Bach
August 25, 2013

Oprah travels to the South of France for an intimate conversation with rock and roll legend Tina Turner. In the only interview following the iconic singer's private wedding ceremony in Switzerland to longtime love Erwin Bach, Oprah joins Tina during a stop on their honeymoon, to talk love, retirement and her private life out of the spotlight. Click here

Thanks to Laurel!!!

Tina and Erwin got Married!!!
August 1, 2013

Tina Bach Turner, who married her long-term partner Erwin Bach last month, flashed her dazzling wedding band as she left a restaurant in St Tropez last night. (July 31, 2013). click here

Tina leaving the restaurant.

Tina and Erwin got Married!!!
July 21, 2013

The Queen of Rock n' Roll, TINA TURNER has married her long time love, ERWIN BACH. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Bach! Tina and Erwin had a lavish party July 21st at their Swiss home. For a part of the article, click here

Pictures of the wedding

Tina Turner on Oprah
25 July, 2013

Oprah travels to the South of France for an intimate conversation with rock and roll legend Tina Turner. In the only interview following the iconic singer's private wedding ceremony in Switzerland to longtime love Erwin Bach, Oprah joins Tina during a stop on their honeymoon, to talk love, retirement and her private life out of the spotlight. Read more Thanks Christian

Tina Turner Married!!!
3 July, 2013

That's right folks... According to this article, she was married a few weeks ago, and they are going to hold a Buddhist wedding where everyone dresses in white. The news, out of Switzerland is that the Queen of Rock n' Roll, TINA TURNER has married her long time partner ERWIN BACH. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Bach! It is being reported that Tina and Erwin will have a lavish party July 21st at their Swiss home, and that Giorgio Armani has designed Tina's dress. A true DIVA of fashion. All guests will wear white... TINA WILL NOT!!! - Thanks Andreas! For the full article, click here

Unfortunately, no pictures of the wedding

Restoration of the Historic Flagg Grove School, Childhood School of Tina Turner
3 July, 2013

Just received this message from the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center. They're working on a wonderful project in the restoration of Tina Turner's childhood school. The school house will serve as an interactive experience for children in the area, as well as adults, to help them learn more about their heritage. It's a great project and just happens to be a part of Tina's past. Any donation will help in reaching the goal of matching a $75,000 grant by Januari 1, 2014. For more information about the school move and pictures, go here
and here

Please, click on the link to learn more and hopefully send in a donation.

Tina Turner Opening new store Giorgio Armani in Rome
5 June, 2013

Thanks to everybody with providing the pictures.

Go here for all the pictures

Tina Turner Opening new store Giorgio Armani in Rome – 5 June 2013
3 June, 2013

Hi everybody, Wednesday, 5 June 2013, Giorgio Armani will open a new boutique in Rome, Italy. To celebrate this he will be joined by 700 invited guests, including a host of other celebrities such as actress Sofia Loren, singer Tina Turner and film director Giuseppe Tornatore. The event will be streamed live on the bespoke "pop-up" website which will feature exclusive video interviews, previews and backstage footage. With a bit of luck we can watch Tina live.

The event will start at 9 pm and this is the website where we can follow the event. One night Only

Hope to see Tina there! Thanks Johanna!

Tina Turner and Erwin Back get married this summer
28 March, 2013

Full Size

The ceremony will take place directly at the lake of Zürich. Food is provided by Chefs Rico Zandonella and Horst Petermann of Tina’s favorite restaurant ‘Rico’s Kunststuben’. And the dress-code: White. Tina and Erwin have been a couple for almost 27 years; they met in 1985. Because of Tina's jeep, she met Erwin for the first time. The German's came to LA and took Tina and Roger to dinner. Erwin was a record executive of Tina’s label EMI. In previous interviews, Tina has always said, she would never marry again. Erwin apparently proposed to her, which she turned down. Now, at the age of 73, it seems she regrets that previous decision. Both are ready for the next step in their lives. We wish them all the happiness and luck for the coming years.

The following message about Tina getting married with Erwin, was received by Tina Turner online. Thanks Johanna! This is what Regula Curti wrote to me: "YES, IT IS TRUE! GREAT NEWS. WARMEST REGARDS Regula Curti"

Tina Turner on German Vogue
9 March, 2013

The full interview, completed with a lot of wonderful pictures

Thanks Johanna!

Interview and pictures

Tina Turner on German Vogue
9 March, 2013

At 73, Tina Turner will be on the cover of the German edition of Vogue magazine in April 2013. More information coming…

Thanks Sjef!

For the full size picture ENJOY!

Tina Turner's Assistant Visits Brownsville
16 February, 2013

We've had some exciting things going on at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center this year. Among them is a very special visit by Tina Turner's assistant, Rhonda Graam. Rhonda spent a week with us hearing about the Center and the restoration efforts of Flagg Grove School. She met with local officials and others involved in the project.

The news article

Thanks Sonia!

Rumble Records will release "The Soul Of Ike & Tina Turner" on vinyl.
16 February, 2013

Release date: March 4, 2013.
Tracklisting-Side A: 1. I'm Jealous; 2. I Idolize You; 3. If; 4. Letter From Tina; 5. You Can't Love Two; 6. I Had A Notion; Side B: 1. A Fool In Love; 2. Sleepless; 3. Chances Are; 4. You Can't Blame Me; 5. You're My Baby; 6. The Way You Love Me

Thanks Aleksander!

Hi everybody!
25 January, 2013

Tina has become a Swiss citizen. She says, that she is very happy in Switzerland and that she feels at home there.She also says that she can't think of a better place to live in than in Küsnacht. The news article

Thanks Taralli & Aleksander

For the full size picture ENJOY!

Dearest Tina,
November 26, 2012

Well, you are another year older and you haven't changed a bit.
That's great because you are perfect just the way you are.
We hope this is the beginning of your greatest, most wonderful year ever!
Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are.
It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, what matters is who you are.
We like who you are.
You have been the greatest gift we could ever have received.
Thinking about you on your birthday and wishing you much happiness.
We hope you have a wonderful day full of happiness and that your wishes come true!

Lots of love from all your fans around the world!

Tina in Vienna, Austria.
November 15, 2012

For the latest pictures, go here and ENJOY!

Short interview with Tina.

The Tina Turner Blog interview: Bob Gruen.
November 13, 2012

A new DVD titled ‘Ike & Tina Turner On The Road: 1971-1972' will be released on November 20. The movie consists of footage shot by world-renowned rock photographer Bob Gruen and his wife Nadya while touring together with the Ike & Tina Turner revue in the early 1970's. Bob and Nadya developed a close relationship with the duo, and the DVD will feature many candid on stage and off stage moments. The Tina Turner Blog had an exclusive interview with Bob Gruen about the upcoming movie release as well as his personal relationship with Ike and Tina. Read the full story all. For now, we’re just really excited that it’s coming out. It really opens up a view of Ike & Tina for history: so that people can see what they were really like. We loved them, and I thought they were the best act ever!”

Some of the footage

Streaming Live Concert
September 25, 2012

Live at the Historic Carver High School, Brownsville TN. Benefiting the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center to refurbish Tina's grade school as a historical landmark and tourist attraction. Join the live concert! Streaming Live Concert.
Fridday at 8 p.m. September 29th

Never seen before footage
September 10, 2012

IKE & TINA TURNER - on the road: 1971-72 (dvd import zone 2)
From the camera of Bob Gruen comes this amazing, intimate look at the legendary Ike and Tina Turner at their creative and popular peak. From the hot lights of their unequaled stage show to tender moments crooning the blues with only the camera as their audience, this is a look inside a hardworking band as well as an iconic couple. 90 min.
And here is some footage

IKE & TINA TURNER - on the road: 1971-72 (dvd import zone 2)

Thanks Aleksander

Soul Sister is coming to The Hague, The Netherlands.
August, 31, 2012

Vrijdag 28-dec 15.00 & 20.00* uur-Zaterdag 29-dec 15.00 & 20.00 uur-Maandag 31-dec geen voorstelling-Dinsdag 1-jan geen voorstelling- Woensdag 2-jan 15.00 & 20.00 uur-Donderdag 3-jan 20.00 uur-Vrijdag 4-jan 20.00 uur-Zaterdag 5-jan 15.00 & 20.00 uur-Zondag 6-jan 14.00 & 19.00 uur-Première Vrijdag 28-dec 20.00 uur
Go here for all the Dutch information

Tina enjoying Croatia
August, 22, 2012

Eternally youthful Tina Turner is in the mood to party as she lives the high life aboard Croatian yacht!

Look at the queen on her best!

Exclusive £10 offer for the Press Night of SOUL SISTER
August, 22, 2012

We would like to offer you mailing list an exclusive £10 offer for the Press Night of SOUL SISTER in London’s West End inspired by the music, life and times of Ike and Tina Turner.

Please quote the code ‘Press Night Soul’ when booking at the Savoy Theatre box office to redeem this offer +44 (0) 844 871 7687).

Tina Turner releases new album via Pledge Music
July 9, 2012

Read the full story

Calendar 2013
July 9, 2012

The new Tina calendar for 2013. This picture was made 30 years ago!

BGO Records will release "Live At Carnegie Hall–What You Hear Is What You Get from 1971, September 3, 2012 You can order it here: You can order it here:

Tina is not ill, but very fit
June 11, 2012

Despite the rumours on the internet Tina is not ill, but very fit and well as confirmed by Tina’s representatives. As you can see in the link below Tina was recently in Beijing with Giorgio Armani looking fabulous.

Tina in Beijing
June 1, 2012

Last night, May 31, 2012, Tina attended the Giorgio Armani ‘One Night Only’ fashion event at the New Tank venue in Beijing, China. She looked fabulous!
Photo's of the event. Enjoy!

Tina's grade school moved to Brownsville
June 1, 2012

Pics and so

Emi Wokoma To Play Tina Turner In New West End Musical 'Soul Sister'
May 29, 2012

Soul Sister, a new musical inspired by the music, life and times of Tina Turner and her former husband Ike, is to transfer to the West End's Savoy Theatre, beginning performances Aug. 20 prior to an official opening Aug. 23, for a run through Sept. 29.

The Huffington Post

Review of musical of Tina's live in London
April 19, 2012

Review of Soul Sister. Enjoy!

Musical of Tina's live in London
March 9, 2012

Exclusive offer for ITTF! Get £3 off per ticket, when you book for any of the following performances of Soul Sister: 14 April (2.30pm & 7.30pm), 15, 17, 18, 19, 24 & 25 April (7.30pm) and 21 April (2.30pm). Just call the box office on + 44 20 8985 2424 and quote ‘Producer’s Offer’, or book online with the discount code ‘Proud Mary’. Applies on the top three price bands only, subject to availability.

Venue: Main House - Dates: 14 Apr 2012 - 5 May 2012 - Price(s): £ 10 - £ 27.50 Box office+ 44 20 8985 2424

Musical of Tina's live in London
February 21, 2012

Within a few days we have some wonderful news to share with you. Have a close watch!

Venue: Main House - Dates: 14 Apr 2012 - 5 May 2012 - Price(s): £ 10 - £ 27.50 Box office

Graham Lyle set for Grammys
January 24, 2012

Graham Lyle set for Grammys honour with Tina Turner

Tina was in Italy
January 13, 2012

Italian article The article is in the Italian language and we have used Google to translate it. We have no idea if it was done in a proper way. If any of you see mistakes, please inform us. Thanks in advance!

Bilanz Magazine
December 23, 2011

Interview and pictures.

Shopping in Berlin
December 18, 2011


No stage come back.
December 18, 2011

Read what Tina has to say.

Tina was seen on ZDF.
December 18, 2011

Tina was live on ZDF, performing with the Children Beyond at Herz für Kinder charity gala in Berlin, Germany! It is a big charity show with many celebrities that was broadcasted live on German TV, ZDF Saturday December 17, 20.15 hour. Photo's

Tina was on Swiss TV, last Sunday.
December 12, 2011

Tina was live on Swiss TV, performing with the Children Beyond at the Sports Awards! The show was broadcasted Sunday December 11, 20.05 hour on ”SF1", "TSR2", “RSI LA 2". Pictures
Tina and the Children Beyond, will perform at the Herz für Kinder charity gala in Berlin, Germany, this coming Saturday. It is a big charity show with many celebrities that will be broadcast live on German TV, ZDF Saturday December 17, 20.15 hour. Press release

Tina will be on Swiss TV.
December 05, 2011

Children BEYOND Rehearsal footage for TV Shows. Tina will be live on Swiss TV, performing with the Children Beyond at the Sports Awards! The show will be broadcasted on Sunday December 11, 20.05 hour on ”SF1", "TSR2", “RSI LA 2". More info here!
Tina and the Children Beyond, will perform at the Herz für Kinder charity gala in Berlin, Germany. It is a big charity show with many celebrities that will be broadcast live on German TV, ZDF Saturday December 17, 20.15 hour. Press release

Musical of Tina's live in London
December 02, 2011

Pulsing with heart and soul and featuring classics such as What’s Love Got to Do with It, Proud Mary, Private Dancer and River Deep Mountain High. TINA follows the highs and lows, the passions and heartbreak of Ike and Tina Turner as their careers blossomed and their marriage crumbled.
The (unauthorised) story of the music and lives of Ike and Tina Turner. Venue: Main House - Dates: 14 Apr 2012 - 5 May 2012 - Price(s): £ 10 - £ 27.50 Box office

Tina was in Venice. The date? Not sure but it was this month.
November 15, 2011

It is just great to see a few new pictures. Go here News and Enjoy!
Thanks to Aleksander and Lasse!

Lots of great pictures taken at the Children Beyond Press Conference, Zurich
September 28, 2011

It is just great to see so many new pictures. Go here and Enjoy!
Thanks to Sjef & Ben

“Unity” will be released TODAY!
September 23, 2011

You can download it here and listen! It is wonderful to hear Tina sing again in a totally different genre. Enjoy!

Pharmacy of prayer
September 13, 2011

Beyondsinging released new footage, this time Tina is talking about the project. The new footage

All of the artists’ proceeds are passed on to their respective foundations (the Tina Foundation, the SEESCHAU Foundation and the Dewa Che Foundation)

Pharmacy of prayer
September 4, 2011

CHILDREN BEYOND is a small pharmacy of prayer, which empowers us to free ourselves from dualities and animosities and to open up for new ways to unity. May this music inspire EVERYBODY daily to sing with our children prayers, which create in them the love and the power to form the world of tomorrow.

01. calling 3.19 Invitation by Tina Turner Children Beyond, Tina, Dechen, Regula.
02. om am hum 4.32 Mantra of Purification (Buddhist) Children Beyond, Dechen, Regula.
03. allah hu 4.22 Prayer to free from Ego (Muslim) Children Beyond, Ajla, Amina, Nejla.
04. kol ha olam kulo 4.38 Prayer of Trust & Courage (Jewish) Children Beyond, Channah.
05. halleluja 3.55 Prayer of Joy and Glory (Christian) Children Beyond, Alexandra, Max, Regula.
06. sa ta na ma 5.26 Mantra of Concentration & Intuition (Sikh) Children Beyond, Dechen, Regula.
07. ganesha sharanam 4.59 Mantra to remove obstacles (Hindu) Children Beyond, Dechen.
08. buddham saranam gacchami 4.25 Mantra of Refuge (Buddhist) Children Beyond, Illian, Sonam, Norbu, Nyima, Dechen.
09. jai da da 4.36 Prayer of the Soul (Jewish) Children Beyond, Tina, Dechen, Regula.
10. sallallah ala muhammad 4.39 Prayer of Praise (Muslim) Children Beyond, Ajla, Amina, Nejla.
11. veni sancte spiritus 4.52 Prayer of Inspiration (Christian) Children Beyond, Regula.
12. ra ma da sa 3.46 Mantra of Healing (Sikh) Children Beyond, Alexandra, Regula.
13. sarvesham svastir bhavatu 4.57 Mantra of Peace (Hindu) Children Beyond, Tina, Dechen, Regula.
14. unity 3.18 Prayer of Unity (all together) Children Beyond, Tina, Dechen, Regula.
Total running time: 62.09

Tina & Erwin by Cartier
September 2, 2011

Tina & Erwin were spotted two days ago, August 31, in Zurich as they where invited for the opening of the Cartier ‘Time Art’ exhibition. The exhibition takes place at the Bellerive Museum in Zurich until November 6, 2011.

For full size picture, click on it.

New Cover and samples of the new Beyond Children
September 1, 2011

For all the latest information about Beyond Children, please visit the website Beyondsinging You will find samples and the track list off the forthcoming CD.

Children Beyond
September 1, 2011

The spiritual album Beyond will be released October 7, 2011 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Title of the album will be "Children Beyond" by Tina Turner, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, Regula Curti and a group of children. The album will contain different songs, prayers and spiritual messages from different religions. A CD presentation and press conference will be held September 28, 2011.
Interview with Regula Curti, part one
Interview with Regula Curti, part two
The picture of Tina was found on http://www.tinaturnerblog.com
Thanks Sjef!

Tina 2012 Calendar
August 28, 2011

The 2012 calendar can be pre-ordered at Amazon.com. Available September 30

Interview with Tina regarding Beyond.
August 4, 2011

The article can be found here

Thanks Anja!

Remastered CD Workin' Together/Let me Touch Your Mind
June 30, 2011

1. Workin' Together;2. (As Long As I Can) Get You;3. Get Back;4. The Way You Love Me;5. You Can Have It;6. Game Of Love;7. Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter;8. Ooh Poo Pah Doo;9. Proud Mary;10. Goodbye So Long;11. Let It Be;12. Let me Touch Your Mind;13. Annie Had a Baby;14. Don't Believe Her;15. I Had a...;16. Popcorn;17. Early in the Morning;18. Help Him;19. Up on the Roof;20. Born Free;21. Heaven Helps us all;

You can order it here:

Thanks Aleksander.

Children Beyond Project
May 30, 2011

Tina Turner in updated Children Beyond Teaser. They worked a great amount on the sound track and updated the teaser with some new shots that include Tina Turner. The final film will be a 15 -20 min. TV production that will be part of the new CD showing more inside on the concept and recording. Footage
source: xaver walser

Beyond Project 2
May 12, 2011

Tina is recording the follow-up to her 2009 spiritual album 'Beyond' with Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay. The album will be released later this year. This video was posted on Facebook by Regula Curti. Face Book Beyond The video is without sound, if you guess three words Tina is saying you can receive a signed photo by Tina. Footage

"Hold On to What You Got"
March 26, 2011

You have been enjoying the song on the website for quite awhile now without access to owning the song for personal collections. I'm pleased to announce that Tina Turner's "Hold On to What You Got", is now available for download for Tina's loyal fans. It's currently available for $.99 on cdbaby. Cdbaby is in the process of putting the song on iTunes worldwide which should be available in 2-3 weeks.

Tina Turner: Hold On What You Got

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
March 25, 2011

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will open a groundbreaking and provocative new exhibit that will illustrate the important roles women have played in rock and roll, from its inception through today. Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power will highlight the flashpoints, the firsts, the best, the celebrated -- and sometimes lesser-known women -- who moved rock and roll music and the American culture forward.

The interactive exhibition will spotlight more than 70 artists and fill two entire floors of the museum. The exhibit will feature artifacts, video and listening stations, as well as a recording booth where visitors can film a short story or moment of inspiration related to women in rock. The exhibit will move through the rock and roll eras, weaving a powerful and engaging narrative that demonstrates how women have been the engines of creation and change in popular music, from the early years of the 20th century to the present.

Featured in the Revolution, the Counterculture and the Pill: The Late 1960s era of the Women Who Rock exhibit, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Tina Turner’s collection includes her Versace Silver Diamante Dress from “Wildest Dreams” Tour, 1996 – 97; her red mesh lace dress from the “Private Dancer” video; and the LP picture sleeve picture sleeve of Dynamite!

See the latest episode of the Rock Hall’s All Access: The Story of Rock featuring Tina Turner and the “Private Dancer” video dress here:

Tina was in Milan.
February 26, 2011

Click here for more pictures:

Tina was in Milan.
February 26, 2011

For the full story, please go here:The whole article

New Picture
February 14, 2011

Tina's Valentine wish!:Photo in full

Unreleased footage coming
February 7, 2011

Saturday/Sunday 19th/20th February 2011 - ZDF will be broadcasting a Portrait of Tina Turner on “NeoMusic” channel. We are not able to receive this channel. Anyone who can?More info

BEYOND Project "Beyond for children" in process
February 4, 2011

We are very, very happy to be in process of realizing the projekt "Beyond for Children" . The singing of our Beyond-Children shall reach as many children in the world as possible...these mantras may take the children beyond, beyond, beyond. Because children are the most precious symbol of the future and the hope. The CD "Beyond for Children" will be published in the second half of 2011.

Tina wants Buddhist and Christian prayer exploring that path more.
December 5, 2010

After taking part in her first spiritual album -- "Beyond," a collection of Buddhist and Christian prayer and chanting that came out in September -- Tina Turner predicts she'll be exploring that path more.The whole article

Tina's Birthday
November 26, 2010

Here is a wonderful poem for Tina from all her devoted fans from all over the world. We love you!


"Beyond" nominated for Grammy in Best New Age Album category
November 25, 2010

With the final five nominees still to be decided, the Best New Age Album category promises to be an interesting one to watch in this year’s competition, as it is also includes superstars Olivia Newton-John and Tina Turner. Tina Turner’s recent collaboration with Regula Curti and Dechen Shak-Dagsay is called Beyond: Buddhist and Christian Prayers. Inspired by her own spiritual experience, like Scallon, Tina’s compelling message is the importance of love and the healing power of song.

If Turner’s inclusion spurs Grammy voters to ask “What’s love got to do with it?” then the answer is “everything,” for in the New Age category, intention is judged hand-in-hand with talent. With top artists like Scallon, Turner and Newton-John expressing their intent of compassion, unity and healing for humanity through their music, it is foreseeable that these artists will uplift and change the world one album at a time.

The Exciting Tina Turner - Live (Album)
November 15, 2010

Temporary releasedate: 2010-12-06 Price € 13.95.

1:Show Some Respect (Live); 2:I Might Have Been Queen (Soul Survivor) live; 3:What's Love Got To Do With It (Live); 4:I Can't Stand The Rain (Live); 5: Better Be Good To Me (Live); 6:Private Dancer (Live); 7:Let's Stay Together (Live); 8:Help! (Live); 9:It's Only Love - Feat Bryan Adams (Live); 10:Tonight Feat - David Bowie (Live); 11:Let's Dance-version I - Feat David Bowie(Live)

Thanks Aleksander

Audi magazine
November, 2010 Audi magazine

New car for Tina. Interview in English; French and German with Tina.

Thanks Boudewijn

R.I.P Alline
September 27, 2010

The National Enquirer.

Large article

R.I.P Alline
September 4, 2010

Last night we received a message that Tina's sister, Alline has died of medical issues. Alline was 73 years old and our thoughts are with Tina and her family. R.I.P Alline.

Tina on the Beyond CD: Nothing lasts forever. No one lives forever. The flower that fades and dies. Winter passes and spring comes. Embrace the cycle of life. That is the greatest love.

Tina Turner back as Goddess Shakti? - Hindustan Times
August 2, 2010

Six years ago, US-based Merchant Ivory Productions had announced a film with the ‘Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll’, Tina Turner. It was called The Goddess, and Turner was to play the title role of Hindu Goddess Shakti. The film got shelved soon after, in 2005, because its director Ismail Merchant related storiesUstad Zakir Hussain returns to the movies passed away following a surgery. More...

We believe this project to be closed. Since finishing the tour last year, it still stands that Tina has no plans to work in the foreseeable future.(ITTF)

Anniversary of Flavio Briatore.
July 31, 2010

Tina has participated this weekend in Porto Cervo, Italy. Large pictures

Tina Turner Arriving At Club 55 In Saint Tropez with some friends
July 25, 2010

Follow this link for more pictures.

Auction: Dolce & Gabbana dress signed and donated by Tina
July 18, 2010

The Chemotherapy Outreach Project are running an auction to raise funds for a mobile Chemotherapy unit to visit people with cancer in outlying areas of South Devon and Cornwall. The auction also includes various other items donated by a variety of artists. The on-line auction will run at the same time as the live auction which starts at 7.30pm on July 31st and all bids will be registered. You can register bids from 12 noon on 1st July 2010. Start to bid

"This is a rare opportunity to purchase a dress signed and donated by Tina. Tina wore this Dolce and Gabbana dress in 1996 at the San Remo Music Awards in and on Tina's Wildest Dreams Tour. It also featured on the cover of The Wildest Dream album and on the Wildest Dreams DVD.

Vote for TINA TURNER for Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
July 18, 2010

Tina is one of the world's most popular entertainers. She is the most successful female rock artist in music history and was named "one of the greatest singers of all time" by Rolling Stone.

Tina's records have sold nearly 200 million copies worldwide. Additionally, she has broken concert attendance records worldwide and HAS SOLD MORE CONCERT TICKETS than any other solo music performer in history.

Tina is famous for her energetic stage performances, trademark choreography, powerful vocals, career longevity, widespread appeal and ageless beauty.

In 2008, Ms. Turner left semi-retirement to embark on her Tina! - 50th Anniversary Tour. The tour became one of the highest selling ticketed shows of 2008-2009 and grossed $130 million.

Tina Turner is a American National Treasure, a Global Icon and the undisputed Queen of Rock N' Roll. Tina Turner is deserving of the 2011 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Join Face Book here

Remastered Audio CD
June 21, 2010

Come Together Workin' Together [Original recording remastered] Ike & Tina Turner (Artist) | Format: Audio CD.
This title will be released on August 2, 2010.

United Charity
May 21, 2010

United Charity, which is a non-profit foundation based in Baden-Baden, Germany.The online-auction portal unitedcharity.de offers auction to bid on Tina Turner’s high heels (red, 11cm high, sequined, Size 41,5), which are worn during “Tina Live”. The shoes are designed by Star-Designer Christian Louboutin, especially for Tina’s come-back concert tour. All the funds raised from the auction will be 100% supporting charity project “Schenke eine Ziege” in Uganda, Africa. United charity delivers special celebrity experience, luxury travel, unique merchandise etc, which are normally not buyable. The auctions’ returns are all donated to children in needs or other non-profit charity organizations. Here’s the auction: Click here for more info Please, share this with all your friends and make it happen!

Join the Campaign and support Tina
March 14, 2010

If you want to join the campaign and support Tina - you have to download "THE BEST" from the "All The Best" album on Itunes UK or Amazon UK on April 19th (this marks the end of the soccer season) - there is just one tiny problem - you can't download from Itunes UK if you are abroad. So I guess we just have to make "the best" a global No. 1!

Here are the details: "Simply the Best" is the theme song of the Glasgow Rangers - the Rangers fans want to push their team by making Tina Turner's song "The best" No. 1 in the UK. So they need the support of every single Tina Turner and Glasgow Rangers fan in the world! All you need to do is to go to Apple Itunes UK or Amazon.co.uk and download "The best" by Tina Turner - starting on April 19th, 2010.It is important to do it in the same week since this will make the song climb the download charts! Once it hits the charts again there will be no stopping! THIS IS NOT A TINA CONCERT AND NOT A SOCCER GAME - NO TRAVELLING INVOLVED! JUST GO ON THE INTERNET AND DOWNLOAD THE SONG FROM THIS LINK: Amazon.co.uk: 79por Itunes UK: 99pstarting from 19th of April, 2010 Go Rangers and go Tina! Please share this with all your friends and make them join!We can do it!

Thanks to all the people who informed us!

Tina Turner another world tour???
Paris, Januari 26, 2010

Veteran pop star Tina Turner may yet call her troupe of dancers out for another world tour, though for the moment she prefers home-cooked dinners and a stress-free life.


Tina Turner gets Swiss Award
Januari 10, 2010

Click here for the story

Cover for the Live DVD/CD
August 14, 2009

The album cover for the live DVD via EMI.

Gelredome DVD & CD
July 31, 2009

The UK release date for the Live DVD & CD is 28th September.

Tina & Jazz album???
June 18, 2009

We've never even heard of Bappida! Tina recently said she was very much enjoying being at home. Her diary is 100% empty. No plans. No projects.
We don't have an exact date for the live DVD via EMI, but it could be late summer/early autumn. As soon as we have a confirmed date, we'll tell you.

Tina Gelredome DVD
April 28, 2009

Coming soon! The live DVD from Gelredome is planned for release September 1, 2009. The price will be €22, 95

Tina Turner recorded a new CD.
April 09, 2009

Coming soon!! "BEYOND" with TINA TURNER Yes, you have read correctly. The wonderful CD-Project that my friend Regula Curti and I have been working on during the past two years is being supported and uplifted by the legendary Mrs. TINA TURNER. Read more...
Spiritual Message by Tina

ARNHEM – With 'Live in Amsterdam' Tina Turner already recorded a DVD in Holland.
March 11, 2009

The diva liked it so much that she will record another one in Arnhem. This was announced by the concert promoter Mojo. Turner is especially impressed by the enthusiasm of the Dutch audience. Her show on March 21 in the Gelredome Stadium will be recorded by director David Mallet with twenty cameras.Tina gives three concerts in Holland: Saturday March 21st, Sunday March 22nd and Saturday May 2nd. Only for the last concert tickets are still available.

Sick Turner postpones UK concerts
March 10, 2009

Refunds are available for anyone who cannot make the rescheduled dates. Tina has rescheduled shows in London and Sheffield because she is suffering from respiratory flu. Doctors have advised the 69-year-old, performing in the UK for the first time since 2000, to rest for six days. Read more...

January 26, 2009

After Antwerp, four more shows are added to the European leg of the tour; and for more updates on the dates go to: Worldtour

4/17/09 Oslo, Norway Telenor Arena On Sale Mon, 2/2 9am
4/19/09 Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm Globe Arena On Sale Wed, 1/28 9am
4/20/09 Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm Globe Arena On Sale Mon, 2/02 9am
4/23/09 Helsinki, Finland Hartwall Arena On Sale Mon, 2/2 9am
4/24/09 Helsinki, Finland Hartwall Arena On Sale Mon, 2/2 9am
4/29/09 Paris, France Palais Omnisports de Bercy On Sale Fri, 1/30 10am

January 26, 2009

After four sold out concerts, the demanding for another show was high priority for the Belgian fans. For the fifth time, Tina will go back to Antwerp to please her fans. For those who are on a waiting list, you will be contacted today to confirm/deny your ordered tickets. For the rest of the tickets, they will go on sale Tuesday morning January 27, 9am.

Tina is number 2 at the Top Concerts, ranked by Pollstar. Based on box office gross per city. Tina Turner; $1,913,981

January 24, 2009

After Tina's tour finishes - as per the announced dates, there are no plans for anything further. The "Live Music Festival in Budva (Montenegro)." we've not held anything for August. If Tina wishes to add further dates then that might happen later.

January 12, 2009

Click here to read the story in German. Anyone who can translate it?. Thanks a lot Johanna!

January 12, 2009

Marco prepared a list for you for all the venues in Germany. Click here to read and print. Great job Marco. Thanks a lot!

December 1, 2008

Anne Hathaway (pictured left) from the hit film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ was photographed with Tina Turner just before the “Proud Mary” singer took the stage at Madison Square Garden. Hathaway seems to love herself some Tina Turner. Click here to read more.

The Platinum Collection - 3-CD-Box full with Tina-Hits
November 29, 2008

A new Tina Turner CD will soon be available!

On the 9th of Janurary 2009, get ready for the release of the new Platinum Collection - Tina Turner. This new box set will contain 3 CDs with songs from the 60's all the way up until now! Click here or here to read more.

November 26, 2008


We wish you a happy Birthday and a wonderful show tonight in Newark. You're maybe 69 but from the way you are performing the shows you are doing, you seem to be at your prime!

Win a pair of concert tickets! Tickets Giveaway
October 10, 2008

Gather (www.gather.com), and AEG Live, have teamed-up to launch a ticket giveaway to see Tina Turner! In fact, to celebrate the partnership and ticket giveaway, Tina Turner concert footage will go live on TODAY, October 7th.
By sharing what artist they would like to see, why they want to see the artist LIVE, and in what city they would like to see the artist. Gather will randomly draw one winning member’s entry to receive a free pair of tickets for each show. Gather members can enter (between Oct 7th – 14th) to win a pair of concert tickets to see Tina Turner LIVE in Boston, New York City, Detroit, Atlanta or Philadelphia.

Chicago Live
October 3, 2008

Lets's Stay Together Live Chicago 3 October

Kansas City Opening Night, Reviews and Footage
October 2, 2008

Don't forget to check out the new added Tour Gallery on the right and the updated News-pages.
The Star
Preview and Interview
Steamy Windows made by Kyle

1st Concert - Kansas City
October 1, 2008

The opening number: Red velvet curtains part to reveal Tina in black sequins and 4-inch-high heels, perched atop a 20-foot steel rod; she belts out Steamy Windows as four women in fleshtone tap pants dance wildly at her sides. A moment later, to deafening applause, she tells the crowd, "I'm glad to be here, too!" Explode on contact: With every bit of the energy of a woman half her age, Turner tears through Better Be Good to Me before disappearing backstage to an explosion of pyrotechnics. Then, members of her dance troupe play-act a stage crasher's altercation with "security," allowing the star a breather and a costume change.

Standout number: Tina demands to know What's Love Got to Do With It, each ravaged rasp making plain that it's...read more ...

October 1, 2008

What do you need to do to win the TINA! CD? In fact not so much. Just go to a concert this month and mail us one of your best pictures. We will post your photo on our weblog. Mail to: tina@ittf.nl Write down "Photo-Contest" in the subject line, and give us the date and venue.
We will select the best picture by the end of October. We will do the same for November and December.

September 17, 2008

Capitol/EMI is proud to present the release of Tina!, a new collection of Tina Turner’s top hits, rare live recordings, and two new, exclusive tracks available on September 30th. In support of Tina! listening party audio streams, below.

Tina! Listening party streams:
Tina song 1 Tina song 2 Tina song 3 Tina song 4

Click here for the new songs

I'm Ready

It would be a Crime

And click here for merchandise

ET Exclusive
September 7, 28th 2008

Click here to see new footage of ET & Insider.

Bob Mackie has created spectacular gowns for Hollywood's most spectacular star
August 28th 2008

Bob Mackie designed dresses for Tina. The short dress is shown first although the long gown is what she'll actually perform Goldeneye in. After Goldeneye, she'll remove the long dress and reveal the shorter.
Click here to see the new dresses

"Tina!"to Be Released September 30 in North America
August 12th 2008

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Aug 12, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Tina Turner made headlines around the world in May when she announced that she would tour this fall and winter. To complement the eight-time Grammy Award winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer's long-awaited return to arenas throughout North America, Capitol/EMI will release Tina! on September 30, a new 18-track CD and digital collection of Turner's top hits, rare live recordings and two exclusive new tracks.

More Info Here:
Click here to see the New Pictures!:

Tina attended Armani ceremony
July 3rd, 2008

Giorgio Armani has been awarded the French Legion of Honour award for his work in the fashion industry. The Italian designer was given the honour by French President Nicolas Sarkozy last week.

The ceremony took place inside the gardens of the Elysee Palace in Paris and was attended by Helen Mirren, Tina Turner and Carla Fendi who paid tribute to Armani. For the complete story and photos: click here:

Tina news archives
More News Archvies coming soon...

Tina Turner to open comeback tour at the Sprint Center
April 28, 2008

Tina Turner is coming out of retirement to tour again, and she’s kicking it off at the Sprint Center. Turner, 68, announced her plans during a taping of “Oprah” in Las Vegas on Saturday. The show will air May 8. Until she retired in 2000, she had been one of the most successful live performers in popular music since 1984, when she released her comeback album, “Private Dancer.” Turner stopped touring after her “Twenty Four Seven World Tour” in 2000. Most recently she performed live with R&B singer Beyonce at the 50th Grammy Awards...
click here to see the video
Latest Photo + Story

Tina Turner on Tour! HOT!
April 26/April 28 2008

Here is some news, we have been waiting for 8 years! Tina Turner is going on tour again! The show will start October 1st 2008, in Kansas City! Tickets go on sale May 12, 2008. Tina is BACK AGAIN!!!

All we can say is that: "any plans Tina may possibly have for America will be announced after 8th May, and we have no plans for Europe as yet." We will of course keep you update of the future events.

We strongly advise fans not to buy tickets not from registered ticket companies.

Oprah summons LV impersonator
April 23, 2008

Larry Edwards, a longtime Tina Turner impersonator, is over the moon, and his feet won't be touching earth any time soon. He received a call Tuesday from Oprah Winfrey's producer informing him that he will be among some tribute artists who have been invited to be part of the show Oprah is taping with Tina and Cher. The producers told Edwards, a fixture for years in "An Evening at LaCage" at the Riviera, they want a "very Vegas" show featuring faux Tinas and Chers.

Are you the Biggest Tina Turner and Cher Fan?
April 16/April 18, 2008

The Oprah Winfrey Show is coming to the one and only fabulous strip--Las Vegas!!! And, we are looking for the BIGGEST FANS of legendary performers Tina Turner and Cher! If you think you should be in the house for this once in a life-time event, email us now!! If you will be in the Las Vegas area on April 26 and would love to be in the audience to witness this amazing performance, email us now!

Deep Purple, Tina Turner pop best hits at Gazprom anniversary
February 12th, 2008

MOSCOW - Music legends Deep Purple and Tina Turner joined Russian stars Monday to crank out their best hits as Russia's likeliest next president Dmitry Medvedev and other top Russian officials celebrated gas giant Gazprom's 15th anniversary.

Medvedev, Russia's deputy prime minister and Gazprom's chairman of the board of directors, and Gazprom's chief executive Alexei Miller clapped and bobbed their heads as Deep Purple thundered out "Smoke on the Water" and other all-time greats for the lavish celebration at the Kremlin.

A large screen meanwhile gave a slide show of 1970s' hippie anti-war protests and even, at one time, a cover of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's bitter Gulag Archipelago book decrying Joseph Stalin's terror campaigns.

Tina also regaled the audience with her signature "Private Dancer" and 9 other hits at the final stage of the five-hour concert that also included Russia's most famous rock and pop stars like Alla Pugacheva and Glukoza. Tina appeared on the Kremlin stage 12 hours after her performance at the Grammys in Los Angeles. The singer said that it was a great honor for her to sing for Putin. However, the president had already left by that time.

It is worth of note that superstars of world class are paid millions of dollars for their performance at private parties in Moscow. It is not known how much Gazprom paid for its four-hour music extravaganza. Some Russian newspapers wrote that the gas giant paid $2.5 million for Tina.

Click here to watch the footage of Tina in Moscow

Tina Wows Grammys Crowd
February 11th, 2008

Tina Turner Grammy LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Tina Turner took a break from retirement in Europe to perform a duet with R&B singer Beyonce at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, the soul legend's first concert performance in more than seven years. As a bonus, she picked up a Grammy Award as a participant on jazz icon Herbie Hancock's surprise album of the year winner "River: The Joni Letters."

Turner, a sprightly 68, and 26-year-old Beyonce got the crowd on their feet with a lively version of "Proud Mary," for which Turner won a Grammy in 1972. Among the fans tapping their feet were veteran rocker John Fogerty, who wrote the song.

By the end, Beyonce looked exhausted, but Turner seemed ready for more.Sporting a skin-tight silver bustier and matching capri pants, Turner warmed up for the duet with a medley of "What's Love Got To Do With It" and "Better Be Good To Me." She stopped touring in 2000, saying she did not want to get to the point where her stage antics were no longer dignified.

Click here to watch the video and the pictures

Tina Turner to join Beyonce confirmed
February 7th, 2008

Six-time GRAMMY® winner Tina Turner will join current two-time nominee Beyoncé for a special performance; and jazz pianist Eldar, rap-rocker Kid Rock, jazz saxophonist Dave Koz and jazz/pop singer Keely Smith also will perform on the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast, it was announced today by The Recording Academy®. Click here to read the press release.

African American Lives 2
February 6, 2008

Thanks to Laurel and Alejandro, we are able to see more of African American Lives 2. Enjoy! Go to Downloads to watch/download them all.

Private Dancer: Tina Turner's Mercedes-powered Lambo LM002
January 24th, 2008

Tina Turner MercedesTina Turner is one of the most successful performing and recording artists of all time. She's won eight Grammies, hit the Billboard Top 10 seven times and sold more concert tickets than any other solo performer in history. Unfortunately she never learned how to drive stick, but having sold over 180 million records, she could well afford (and as The Queen of the Rock & Roll could hardly afford not) to buy a Lamborghini. So Turner bought an LM002, the Lamborghini of sport-utility vehicles, and had the original Countach V12 ripped out and swapped for a V8 out of a Mercedes E500 with an automatic transmission.

Naturally, the retrofit also included a thumpin' entertainment system, including a 1500-Watt Blaupunkt stereo and a whole load of lights and mirrors. The conversion originally cost twice the value of the truck itself, at 150,000 deutschemarks. The truck has been workin' for the man every night and day ever since, but now it could be your very own private dancer, a dancer for money: the vehicle is on the market for €179,000. Seems like a fair price for a unique and storied vehicle: we've seen Lamborghini-powered Audis, but never a Mercedes-powered Lambo.
Thanks Laura

Tina & Beyonce duet for Grammys (This news is not confirmed yet)
January 23rd, 2008

Beyonce and Tina TurnerPlans for the Grammys' blowout 50th-anniversary show are back in full swing, now that the striking writers have agreed not to picket the Feb. 10 broadcast. We can tell you some of what those plans are. According to a well-placed source, the big "surprise" number will be a duet by Beyoncé and Tina Turner, who has only rarely performed since 2000.
Thanks Laurel.

African American Lives 2
December 15, 2007

African America Lives 2 is coming to PBS in America on Wednesday, 6 February, 2008.

Here's the link and a second one to the official promo teaser clip. It has a great reaction of Tina learning some of her African heritage!

Thanks Justin

Christmas Wishes...
December 20th 2007

Dear Tina Turner Fans - Elle and I would like to thank you for your support and your help during the past 12 months. The fan club has tremendously increased for the past year and without your help, there would not be a fan club. It has been a pleasure for me to make this website as great as I could for our idol, Miss Tina Turner. We would like to wish you all Happy Holidays among your families and friends. We are looking forward next year to improve the website and always make it better. May love, peace, health and joy be with you in 2008!

Welcome to the New Website!
November 3, 2007

It is with great pleasure that myself, Pierre Raiche, and Elle Denneman are welcoming you to the new Tina Turner Fan Club Website. Lots of hours and efforts were made to get this result. We are still working on few sections, but we are now ready to move into the future with a fabulous website. Enjoy it and don't hesitate to contact us for suggestions, stories or comments

Tina Turner 70th Birthday
November 1, 2007

You were more than 800 people to answer our question last month. we have asked you how many of you would join us here in Europe if the ITTF would organize a big party to celebrate Tina Turner's 70th Birthday in 2009. You will all be happy to know that more than 90% of the voters said that they would join. The next question is: How much would you be ready to pay to come to an event like that? Email us your answer.

Calling Tina Turner SuperFans
October 15th 2007

I am currently working The Ultimate Tribute (working title) - a new BBC1 primetime show, due to be aired in the new year. The aim of the show is to find the UK's best solo tribute act and the opportunity up for grabs is a performance contract in Las Vegas.

We are looking for Tina Turner tributes and tributes for a some of the world's iconic performers to come and audition to be on the show. We will be auditioning both professional and non professional acts, each act must be eligible to work in the USA and be at least 18 years old to take part.

On top of the tributes we are looking for superfans of some of the world's top recording artists - which of course includes Tina Turner. Superfans being people who are the most knowledgeable about their icons and really know what it takes for a tribute act to perform as well as their idol. I wondered if it was possible for you to put some information about our show on your website for Tina Turner fans to see?

I have attached a flyer and would be grateful for any help you can give me.

Many Thanks,Catriona Dickey - Researcher - Endemol UK
Tel: +44 208 222 4793 Email: catriona.dickey@endemoluk.com

New Ike and Tina Turner Boxset
August 28, 2007

The title for the box is "The Ike & Tina Turner Story: 1960-1975" Release date October 2, 2007 and the tracks are:

DISC 1: 1. A Fool in Love 2. I Idolize You 3. I'm Jealous 4. It's Gonna Work Out Fine 5. Poor Fool 6. Don't Play Me Cheap 7. Tra La La La La 8. You Should'a Treated Me Right 9. Good Good Lovin' 10. Stagger Lee and Billy 11. Two is a Couple 12. I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song) 13. I Can't Believe What You Say 14. A Fool For a Fool 15. Something's Got a Hold on Me (Live) 16. Tell Her I'm Not Home 17. Finger Poppin' 18. I'm Gonna Do All I Can 19. River Deep Mountain High

DISC 2: 1. The Hunter 2. I've Been Loving You Too Long 3. Bold Soul Sister 4. Come Together 5. Honky Tonk Woman 6. I Want To Take You Higher 7. Workin' Together 8. Proud Mary 9. Get Back 10. Ooh Poo Pah Doo 11. I'm Yours (Use Me Any Way You Wanna) 12. Up In Heah 13. Feel Good 14. Early One Morning 15. Nutbush City Limits 16. Sexy Ida, Part 1 17. Sweet Rhode Island Red 18. Baby - Get It On 19. Acid Queen

DISC 3: 1. Intro 2. Everyday People 3. Gimme Some Lovin'/Sweet Soul Music 4. Son of a Preacher Man 5. I Heard it Through the Grapevine 6. Respect 7. Medley: There Was a Time/African Boo's 8. Funky Street 9. A Fool in Love 10. Medley: The Summit/All I Can Do Is Cry/Please Please Please/Baby I Love You 11. Goodbye So Long

New Songs
August 24th 2007

Tina's version of "Edith and the Kingpin"Can be found here The album will be released next month, September 25. There's no video or photoshoot for the song.

Cover of the Herbie Hancock CD,

Cover of the Herbie Hancock CD,
featering Tina Turner with
"Edith and the Kingpin."

featering Tina Turner with
"Edith and the Kingpin."

Cover of the Santana CD,
featering Tina Turner with
"The Game of Love".

Tina Turner in Bregez
July 19, 2007

Pop trifft auf Klassik: Rockröhre Tina Turner hat am Donnerstagabend die Premiere der Oper "Tosca", dem Spiel auf dem See der Bregenzer Festspiele, besucht. Nach der Premiere zeigte sich die Sängerin beeindruckt von der Oper. More...

African American Lives 2
July 11, 2007

Coming to PBS in February 2008, Henry Louis Gates Jr. Takes an All-New Group of African Americans on a Quest to Discover Their Roots in African American Lives 2 - Maya Angelou, Dave Chappelle, Morgan Freeman, Peter Gomes, Linda Johnson Rice, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Tom Joyner and Tina Turner are among the Accomplished Group Participating in Sequel to Landmark P...

The critically acclaimed PBS broadcasts AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES (2006) and OPRAH'S ROOTS (2007) shined a national spotlight on the powerful process of discovering one's family history. In February 2008 on PBS, Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. will guide an all-new group -- poet Maya Angelou, comedian Dave Chappelle, actor Morgan Freeman, theologian Peter Gomes, publisher Linda Johnson Rice, athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee, radio host Tom Joyner and rock 'n' roll legend Tina Turner -- on a journey to discover their ancestry in AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES 2. The new four-part series will draw on DNA analysis, genealogical research and family oral tradition to trace the lineages of the participants down through U.S. history and back to Africa.

In My Solitude
June 23rd 2007

We have found the following. It is not confirmed by artist, management or record company. Joni Mitchell may be contributing vocals on "In My Solitude", and such notables as Norah Jones, Tina Turner and British soul singer More...

Charity Concert
May 20, 2007

For the first time in 7 years, Tina Turner is back. The dress, well, we have seen that one, the hair, we have seen it but the legs! That was a long time ago we have not seen that! Tina performed at The Bedrock Ball at the Natural History Museum... More...

Charity Cauldwell Children: Update
March 19th 2007

Tina will be attending a private charity event, where the guests are invited in advance by the host, and so the tickets are not on sale to the public. This is a one-off, there is no tour planned, nor any other events, or album.

March 17th 2007

Pop superstar TINA TURNER is to perform a one-off charity gig in May (07), seven years after she retired from the music industry. The SIMPLY THE BEST singer is staging her comeback at a fundraiser for London charity Cauldwell Children on 18 May at the city's Natural History Museum. The 67-year-old is expected to perform a selection of her greatest hits. She says, "I am delighted to be associated with a charity which reaches out to so many young people. "If my songs make people dig deep into their pockets, then I will have achieved my aim." Cauldwell Children provides treatment, therapies and vacations for poor and unwell kids across the UK

Tina attends Armani Fashion show in Milan
February 19th 2007

Tina Turner attends Armani Fashion show in Milan. See some pictures in the Archive section. The VIP front row audience in the theater of the Milanese designer's ultra modern headquarters included longtime Armani fan pop singer Tina Turner and film director Robert Wilson, who helped set up the Armani retrospective when it began its world tour at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 2000. Photos...

Tina in South Africa
January 2nd 2007

U.S. talk show host Oprah Winfrey kept a 6-year-old promise Tuesday and opened a school for impoverished South African girls south of Johannesburg.

In 2000, Winfrey pledged $10 million for the facility for 150 girls to former President Nelson Mandela, but has since spent $40 million on the school in Henry-on-Klip, southwest of the capital, South Africa's Independent Online reported. The school will eventually have 450 students, the BBC said. Mandela attended the opening, along with singers Tina Turner and Mariah Carey, as well as actors Sidney Poitier, Chris Tucker and director Spike Lee.

The school sits on 50 acres, and has 28 buildings that house hi-tech classrooms, computers and science laboratories, the BBC said. Winfrey reportedly personally interviewed many of the 3,500 applicants from families whose incomes are less than $700 per month, the report said. The school will open for classes on Friday.

Something Beautiful Remains
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